May 13, 2006


A mid ' 80's Christian pop band, 4-4-1 evinced an appreciation for Top 40 radio potential while also infusing their music with just enough new wave sensibility to earn the respect of critics like Brian Quincy Newcomb, who praised both of their latter two albums in CCM. The first record, a custom release, has a strong '60;s feel with the new-wave sound appearing on the standout track, "Show Me". Mourning into Dancing, as its name implies (cf Psalm 30:11), emphasizes rhythmic and upbeat numbers. With the departure of the Giali brothers (John and Steve), the group released Sacrifice as a duo with a more acoustic and ambient sound. Newcomb compared the latter record to products by Crowded House and Simple Minds. Notably, Mourning into Dancing was produced by John Elefante (Kansas) and Sacrifice was co-produced by Gene Eugene (Adam Again), both albums exhibit the new proffesionalism that Chrsitian music came to acquire in the 80's. Lyrically 4-4-1 offers songs that communicate clear messages about life and relationships to Christians facing real-world situations. " Show Me" is not the song from My Fair Lady, but id does pick up the same theme as the hit : Don;t just talk about what you believe, but "show me with your life what you're living for"

Similar artist : The Pale Fountains


Audio Sample : 90 seconds



  1. Hey, thanks for the great recap! We’re back playing a bit, and just did the Spirit West Coast festival in California.

    Also, a small correction: Dino and John Elefante (of Kansas fame) produced “Mourning Into Dancing” while Gene Eugene co-produced “Sacrifice” with us.

    Thanks for the continued support. More info on 441 can be found at http://www.441online.com


  2. Wow, you guys are still around! When I was growing up I listened to a Christian radio show that used to play songs from “Sacrifice”. Of course every time the numbers 441 showed up in a number in data entry or a serial number I thought of you guys (ha!). I’ll be buying your reissues of the first two 441 albums eventually. Best wishes and I have your band’s website in my “favorites” list.

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