Black Carnation

May 18, 2006


Black Carnation was a modern rock trio from Grand Rapids, Michigan, with a Morissey-influenced sound similar to that of Luxury or The Throes. Completely ignored by the Christian media, their debut album on Michael Knott's Blonde Vinyl label presents songs of anguish regarding life in a fallen world. "Black World" decries the legacy of racism from which Jeff Seaver sings, "I pray all day that I will go free." Nothing in the band lyrics mark them as overtly Christian, though an air of spirituality informs much of the material. "Today I Danced upon a Fallen Tree" evinces a naive flower child sentiment, and elsewhere Seaver hears the wind speak "of love and laughter" as Sister Freedom beckons him to come away with her ("On the Wind").

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  1. I still listen to “One Fine Night in a Daydream.” Great song!

  2. Does anybody have the demo tape “Children of Hope” by Black Carnation? I am trying to complete a Blonde Vinyl discography, but can’t find any information on this release. Any information, or even a copy for sale, trade, whatever would be appreciated.


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