May 18, 2006


Southern Californian Stephen Crumbacher formed the Christian group that bore his name in 1983 with his high school friend Dawn Wisner (soon to be Winser-Johnson) and her brother. The purpose was to evangelize teenagers, and the band attempted to do this with a keyboard-driven-new-wave sound. The group never quite seemed to click, despite memorable moments. Incandescent contains the first song Crumbacher ever wrote ("Jamie") and evinces the charm of a promising act by you amateurs. CCM announced the album as revealing "a new group on par with Vector." The song"It doensn't matter" is a new-wave treat , carried by pneumatic syntheisizers.

Similar artist : The Buggles


Audio Sample : 90 seconds



  1. I love Crumbächers music. It´s really melodic with just the right keyboard sounds for me. I like to call them the christian answer to Alphaville. All the four first records are great but especially “Escape from the fallen planet.

  2. I was a big Crumbacher fan back in the day and even got to roadie for them one night at Knott’s Berry Farm when “Escape From The Fallen Planet” came out. Years later, I actually found Dawn (vocalist, keyboardist) on MySpace and told her about the crush I had on her; she thought that was cool. : ) Her new band, Almost Ugly, features guitarist Christopher Duke, who replaced Dan Hohulin after “Thunder Beach.” They just had a twenty-year reunion show last fall with all five members of the band on-stage – there’s a DVD floating around somewhere, but I can’t seem to find it. Great band when they were at their peak!

  3. I want to take the time to thank Dawn Wisner-Johnson, for going through the trouble of getting some of the old songs I used to hear at Harvest Christian Fellowship. I used to listen to Crumbacher’s music when I used to go on Sun. evenings at the church. I even had the honor of serving Stephen and Christopher Duke, when they came onto the drive through when I worked at Carl’s Jr. back in the mid to late 1980’s. I can’t believe its been so long. God bless you my brothers and sisters in the Lord that once sang for Mr. Crumbacher.

    Sincerely yours,
    Robert M. Kelly, Catcher for Warriors of the Cross Softball Team, of the Harvest Sports Ministry. Harvest Christian Fellowship

  4. They played last night (Jan. 8, 2011) in Corona with Undercover and the Choir. They were great and it was a touching moment when Stephen played Once More for the Band, in what may truly be the final farewell.

  5. I was at the 1/8/11 concert in Corona and it was PHENOMENAL! “Understudy” was AWESOME! It was my first favorite song of theirs back in 1985 when their debut album came out.

    “Once More For the Band” was touching, indeed. I don’t know what was ‘behind’ that….but never say never….because in 1989, Amy Grant was going to stop touring….and just for the record, I saw her in 1989, 1991, 1995 twice, 1998 twice, 2005 and perhaps next month in 2011 with Michael W. Smith…

  6. Hi guys – thanks for the kind words about the Jan 8 show. I’m so glad you were there – the turnout was low.. yet – the crowd and show were so memorable for us as a band. Thanks so much for sharing it with us – we could feel the love in the room from bands, friends, fans and family… it was truly an awesome moment. For some reason – I DO really feel it was the last time – what a way to go too because we really felt like we connected once again as a band – after 5 years of not playing together at all. It really did feel FINAL… can’t explain it other than that.

    Thanks so much for your kind words and support.

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