Daniel Amos

May 18, 2006


Daniel Amos burst on to the Christian music scene some 25 years ago, and Christian music hasn't been the same since. From their original country crooning to the cutting edge New Wave of the 80's and the alternative style of the 90's, DA has managed to evolve its style to fit the demands of the day without compromising their message. They have survived for nearly three decades while other groups have come and gone. And yet, DA has not compromised their musical integrity or their spiritual message. Many artists tend to stray away from the Lord in both their lifestyles and their music, but DA has stayed strong and true. They continue to share with their listeners their own struggles, revelations, and personal growth. Other groups, such as Petra, have changed from their original cutting edge styles to the more widely accepted contemporary styles. DA, on the contrary, continues to maintain their own unique style.

Similar artist : Talking heads


Audio Sample : 90 seconds



  1. Yow! One of the best bands of the entire New Wave era, Crhistian or non-Christian! For a detailed article written by yours truly about DA’s legendary Alarma! Chronicles period, go to:


  2. Good job David, awesome and detailed article that you made there for Daniel amos. I second the motion that DA is one the best bands of the entire new wave era — unfortunately they only got a cult size status recognition and most of it was from the Christian fans. DA could have been a prime mover in the secular music market if only they had more radio/media exposure and support.

  3. Vox Humana is the ultimate christian cd. Of course Chase the kangaroo and elim hall are close behind. oh and self titled mad at the world. but Vox is still the best. Wait Servant light manuevers is a tie with Vox Humana. forget it. they are all good. Daniel Amos Rules!!!

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