May 18, 2006


Similar artist: The Cars


Audio Sample : 60 seconds



  1. Discography:

    Undercover (1982)
    God Rules! (1983)
    Boys and Girls Renounce the World (1984)
    Branded (1986)
    3-28-87 (live) (1987)
    The Balance of Power (1990)
    Devotion (1992)
    Forum (1994)

    They hit their stride with “Branded”, having a quasi-gothic sound with screeching guitars and operatic baritone vocals on a canvas of Temple of Doom pipe organ, choir, and string synths. “Branded” is a great record but comes out sounding a little stiff in the studio, but the live “3-28-87” album is a MASTERPIECE of the morose. They were going through a spiritual identity crisis and were experiencing everything they thought they knew about Christianity crumbling before them; and although they stayed true to their faith, they were left with more questions than answers. These spiritual growing pains caused them to go into genius mode and wirte the best music of their career. They followed this up with a heavy-handed, depressing gothic album called “The Balance of Power”, which is better-recorded, but a little bit boring and uninspired although still quite beautiful. On that album, the vocalist, Gary Olson, traded his amazing baritone for a squelched metal vocal sound; the operatic vocal would’ve sounded a LOT better. The last two albums are much happier affairs but not nearly as good.

  2. The self titled and the God Rules album still rocks the best! In your face Christian message and pseudo-sounding synths by Ojo. Awesome band . . . . reminder to self : ” I need a write up for Undercover lest I forget again”. : )

  3. They put out another record recently called “I Rose Falling” on The Choir’s Galaxy 21 label. You could probably get it in the store on The Choir’s web site.

  4. underover sounds like the cars?!? what?


  5. The vocalist was Sim Wilson. Gary Olson was on drums, Gym Nicholson on guitar, Joey Taylor on keyboards/bass.

  6. The original vocalist was Bill. I was (and still am)a Jesus Girl–I was 15 when that song came out! God Rules–always has always will. Let’s keep spreading the Love of Jesus and make sure no one we know will ever say (upon death) “Hey, wait a minute, I’ve been ripped off”

  7. This site states ‘Similar artist: The Cars’
    are you f#^$%^ kidding me?

  8. […] с фактически грешки) обзор на групата има и в сайта Christian New Wave. В CrossRhythms пък има кратка, но изключително […]

  9. my ipod just played a song from Undercover, brought back many memories. i been looking, i think i have every song (on cassette tape) for them.. i even have old photos of the band. what a memory flashback. i think i even have the “What’s Shakin” cassette tape. and other bands like 411, Adan Again, Alterboys, Mad at the World, One bad Pig, Common Bond.

    – Michael Rodriguez
    Fontana, Ca.

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