Writ on Water

May 18, 2006


Back in the day, Blonde Vinyl must have been the shiz-nit. Established by Michael Knott (along with Terry Taylor, Knott one of the most important figures in underground Christian music – forget about MxPx and The Supertones), Blonde Vinyl took chances in an era and in a market when chances were anathema.

And on a label populated by unknowns was released this unknown album, which is also one of the best post-punk records I've ever heard. Perfectly blending the edginess of Joy Division with the somber atmospheres of The Cure a la "Faith" or "Disintegration," it's a shame that this album has not been more widely acclaimed than it has. Other comparisons include shoegazing bands like Pale Saints, as well as the classic 4AD sound, back when they were putting out stuff like This Mortal Coil.

At times, it wonders into brief avant-garde experimentation, but even that is well done, building up tense atmospheres. As a whole, the album is very beautiful, in a dark way that doesn't come off as being "woe is me" or existentially nonsensical.

Similar artist : Joy Division

Audio Sample : 90 seconds


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