May 19, 2006


Quickflight was a heavy electronic band from Canada. Their first album, Breakaway, presented them as the up-and-coming next big thing on the order of synthesizer-driven arena rockers like Styx, albeit with slightly more of a new-wave edge. Their concerts were major productions for the time lots of Star Wars-era sound and light effects. An affectionate profile in CCM announced that each one of the band members was a solo artist in his own right. THe groups was also said to have played together for four years and to have a sound that was “incredibly tight”. Breakaway includes one regional (Canadian) radio hit, “Pink Shirts,” in addition to the energetic title track, the MOR “Simple Way,” and the reggae-inflected “To the Way.” A track called “Modern Romans” (sung by King) addresses the contemporary Iranian “hostage crisis” with reference to the failed rescue mission ordered by President Carter. More explicitly Christian fare can be found in the confrontational “Atheist” and the theological “The Cross Is Crazy (To the People of the World).” By the second album, the group was down to a trio, but True Tunes declared Decent Beat to be “miles ahead of it’s time in both writing and production.” A style shift reveals the influence of British synthesizer bands like Human League, Soft Cell and especially After the Fire.

Similar artist : Thomas Dolby

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  1. I have the second album and it sounds very british indeed.

  2. I love this album. It was one of the true sounding synth/new wave bands of the early 80’s in christian music. I remember being able to play this for my non christian friends and they really enjoying the music.

  3. Decent Beat was an amazing album. In 1984, I entered in a High School airband contest and came in second place with the song Metro Alien. It’s still an album I love immensely and hope someone will reissue it in CD.

  4. Loved this group in the 80’s. Where can I find a cd, ot tape or mp3’s?…..please help.

    • On ebay!

  5. man i’d like to get some mp3’s of this record. it meant alot to me…

  6. Great band. Have not heard any songs from Breakaway, but I Decent Beat was great. Have the LP but have not found any commercial CDs or MP3s.

  7. For those who want to obtain copies of Quickflights music, go to http://www.rocksolidmusic.com. I obtained CD’s of both Breakaway and Decent Beat through this site. Currently, Breakaway is available on CD and vinyl. Decent Beat is available on cassette and vinyl. Prices are reasonable-in the $15-17 range.

  8. I have Quickflight on cd, 2 albums on 1 …will sell a copy to anyone that wants one for $20 each. email me at: jdskbell@comcast.net …I can accept Paypal for payment.

  9. I should have told that I have Decent Beat and Breakaway of Quickflight both on 1 cd for $20 each. email me at jdskbell@comcast.net

  10. Picked up a copy of Decent Beat at http://www.sweet-music.com excellent work. Andrew tells me he has Breakaway on CD-r also, will be listed most likely after the new year, even earlier if he can do it. Decent Beat is my favorite, easy flowing. Breakaway is different, takes a while (at least for me) to get into it.

  11. Ditto.
    is the place to go, great production on cd!
    Have both these on cd after not hearing them for years.
    Decent Beat was one of my favourites from the mid-eighties (below DA of course ;-) ).

    • I’m Andrew from Sweet Music. I’m a fan of Quickflight, Decent Beat in particular, I saw them touring with steve Taylor way back when Steve was just a clone. I picked up CD-r’s of both through Rocksolid as per a post above, but I had to spend the time to do it right :-) You can blast mine, dare to compare, you will not hear any record static, hiss or rumble like you can on the Rocksolid stuff.

      Decent Beat : http://www.sweet-music.com/QUIC-DCB-CD-r

      Breakaway : http://www.sweet-music.com/QUIC-BAW-CD-r

  12. I love this band, Quick Flight. I’m going to play them on my radio show. You can find the BEST Classic Christian Rock/Pop/ Metal at (flipsidemn.com)

    You can even download for free it’s the BEST Christian Web-site out there!!! They have almost everything!!

  13. I am the daughter of Dale Dirksen, the guy who sang metro alien in quickflight, its cool to see people still listen to it.

    • I know it’s been months since that last entry, but it warmed my heart tremendously! As an American serviceman in Okinawa in 1984 and 85, I found great consolation in the Christian music of that time. Quickflight’s Decent Beat was a mainstay, just terrific music and very “spiritual” in that the themes were very geared toward the believer in the real world.

      I am listening to it RIGHT NOW, in 2010, all these years later. One of my favorite albums of all time, bar none. I not only still listen to it, it’s a part of who I am.

      Best regards to your father and his compadres, if they are still with us.

      • I am still “with us”

  14. I loved Quickflight when they came to Central Washington University in about 1981 or so. They we very good in concert and the Breakaway album was genious. Very, very good stuff. I have not heard the album in over 20 years and I can still sing the songs. Are we not modern Romans, with our destruction near?

  15. I remember playing with Quickflight at Central Washington University in 1981 and it was one of the bands best gigs of that tour, and my personal favourite. The enthusiastic student response and atmosphere made it a lot of fun. “Modern Romans” was my contribution to the original “Breakaway” album and it nearly didn’t make the cut because of it’s political content. Contrary to my comment in the song “are we not modern Romans- with our destruction near…” I still believe that God is merciful and will not bring about the horrors described in Revelations if we turn to him while there is time.
    Since I wrote that song 30 years ago a lot has transpired. God has been good to me and gone out of his way to show me love and understanding when he could have been completely justified in judging me harshly. My life experience so far has taught me that God is indeed good!.
    We may well be globally defined as “Modern Romans” but God is bigger than all our screw ups, and hopefully and prayerfully, our self destruction can be averted.

  16. I love the “Decent Beat” album also. It’s still one of my favorites after all these years. I hope it comes out on cd soon.

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