Bash N’ The Code

May 20, 2006


Pennyslvania Preacher's kid Keith Lancaster founded the song-and-dance ensemble Found Free in 1971 and remained with the group through it's name changes to the very end . Otherwise, the group had a revolving membership (often undocumented) with at least 23 individuals taking part at various times. As Found free, the group failed to win over critics. Harmony magazine noted that Transformation reveals material that "ranges from attempt at rock and roll to mellow worship choruses seasoned with Jazz harmonies" and indicated that only the latter were succesful. CCM thought Specially Purchased was outdated : Found free wants to believe that they are a new-wave pop group when they are actually closer to a church group in the early 70's doing a musical."

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  1. Bash n’ the Code’s music sadly doesn’t fare much better. It’s about as cheesy 80’s as you can get. Their albums, for those up for some embarrassing listening, include “Bash n’ the Code” (1986), “Big Mouth” (1988), and “More Than Enough” (1990 I think).

  2. I love Bash N’ the Code nonetheless cause I love Cheesy New wave . . . love those monophonic analog synthesizers. : )

  3. Also recommended if you like Bash n’ the Code is the soundtrack to the 1985 Maranatha! musical “Hitops”, where Crystal Lewis plays an angel disguised as a valley girl. (No kidding!) It’s loaded with 80’s cheez-factor.

  4. omg…somebody mentioned HiTops.

    I actually have the VHS and the cassette of that floating around somewhere. It’s horrible but brings back memories of middle school, and the tunes are really catchy.

  5. man, i remember this. i at lest loved the name….

  6. yea. my daddys in this cheesy band. embarrassing i know. John, yea that hottie to the far left. yeppers. thats my padre. hes pretty nifty. I LOVE YOU DADDY!!!!!!

  7. Hey Kit would you be willing to sell your VHS and Cassette of Hi Tops..I have been searching all over the internet to find an copie of them. My husband and I did this play with our youth group 20 years ago and we are having a 20 year HiTops reunion..any way anyone could help me out…Thanks Maybe even a copy :)

  8. Hi Crystal,

    I could give you the tape for free. I ripped it to CD. As far as the VHS, I don’t have a problem with lending it to you for whatever period of time if you don’t mind mailing it back later. It’s kind of a childhood memory thing for me. :)


  9. PS…I’m not really sure how I should get a hold of you. If you can put a link or something here, I will check back later. I’m kind of hesitant to put my email address out on public forums.

  10. OK…I sent an email to some Metro One address. I figured it would get to you that way. :)

  11. I am looking for the accompaniment tape of Hi Tops. Does anyone have that or know where to get it?

  12. I thought bash n the code was an ok band. They mixed new wave pop and dance elements into a fun package. My favorite of theirs is the 1989 release.

  13. HI TOPS Rocks!lol
    I would pay for a copy as it is out of print. if anyone could record one i’d be grateful. its so cheezy its cool my original was worn out from watching it with my kids.

  14. I got a chance to see them open up for mylon & broken heart back in the mid 80’S in new York city.
    I have one thing to say. Bash-N-The Code did one of the best shows I had seen at the time. there new wave was on the money. they were up there with any new wave bands of its time.
    they had us jumping and dancing…they were way cool….A+ for anyone that lived in the mid 80″s Christian music seen. as a young person and musician I was blown away by there performance.

    yes you can look back and listen to the music and say it was cheesy, but man if you lived in those times it was kick ass music……www.m-cruz.com

  15. I played keyboards for Bash in 1987. I remember playing for 90 thousand people at the Creation festival back then. Didn’t seem so cheesy then to see all those 90 thousand people dancing and singing along to our music! It also didn’t seem cheesy at the time to see hundreds of people find God through Bash-N-The Codes’s music. Would anybody be interested in a Bash reunion ? Sometimes I wonder. Smiles……. Marty “GO GREYHOUND” MacKeever

    • My bro in law played keys for Found Free prior to your era… Yep your correct, God uses anyone and everything who is willing to become a vessel of his SPIRIT! God bless all!

      • Wouldnt trade trade that period of God-time in my life for anything! Cheesy????—nahhhh!

  16. Marty is that you… It’s me Scott… you took my place… I was the keyboard/ guitar player right before you… on the first album…. I still get together with Greg & Rebecca all the time they spent a week here last week… sometimes we still do worship together… and I’m still in touch with Mark

    that’s so cool… you’re a legend the way you left…bravo

  17. yeh… no doubt… this was cheesy.. after the first album… I said adios

    here is the stuff I’m doing now http://www.macjams.com/artist/Scott+Carmichael

    but all of you in the Bash family… I love ya

    and Keith I miss ya… how’s school

  18. hey all, am a huge fan of both bash ‘n the code and hitops! would LOVE to get the music for hitops, if anyone can tell me how i can find it, i would LOVE it. i have a copy of the movie (slightly damaged but still playable) but would like another copy of it if there is ANY way to get one. can you let me know?

  19. If anyone (Kit or others) could lend me the VHS of the High Tops drama I would greatly appreaciate it … mine has been misplaced. We are trying to put together a full length musical for it by memory.

    I am willing to pay all mailing costs and would get it back to the lending party quickly.

    Thank you for anyone who can help us out.

    Pat Broeker
    Victory Chapel, Jacksonville, Florida

  20. Yall can say what you will, but Bash was used of God and the music on the original album was and is anointed. I lost track of them after that album, but at that time I was grateful and delighted for such music that let me know it was ok to be loud for God, and to have and express joy. There was also heart worship blended in without apology, which still blesses me. I’ve worn out 2 cassette copies of that original album and came looking for another when I discovered this commentary. Incidentally, I also saw them open a show for Mylon, and though Mylon was a blessing, I came away enjoying and being blessed by Bash far more then I had the so-called “main event”.
    Thank you Bash, and much harvest of blessings on each of you who had a part in that group, sowing joy and a fervor for God into young people, and for leaving a legacy of music that continues to sow into hearts through the anointing of the Spirit.

  21. Mr. Lancaster is our favorite! His wife is our principal and we love them!!! We love our school, Lancaster Christian Academy too! Yea..go Knights! We think it’s cool that Mr. Lancaster was in a band in the 80’s.

  22. Marty “Go Greyhound” Mackeever here. I have several pictures of me playing keyboards for Bash-N-The Code on my photo site. Don’t let the big gun on the front page of my site scare you. That’s the X Navy JROTC in me. Click on my Bands section, and you will se a few pics of Bash. Go to : http://www.martymackattack.com and have a good laugh !

  23. I have nothing but awesome things to say about Bash. Bash was one of the best bands you could ever see live! I had the pleasure of working with these guys (and gals) on the Found Free cruises and chauffeuring them around the San Francisco Bay area working with Celebration Concerts. I look back fondly to those days and the dedication and heart that the band had. It was never about money(obviously), it was always about growing God’s kingdom and getting closer to Him.

  24. I was talking with a friend about bash the other day and neither of us could remember who the frontman was for bash. Anyone know? Funny guy, blond hair, MC’d Sonshine Festival for a couple years in the late 80’s early 90’s era in Wilmar, MN.

  25. I was a huge fan of Bash. I remember my first Bash concert in Battle Creek Michigan. My girl friend (now my wife)and I drove from Lansing to hear this new band and loved it! The energy was high and the music was pumping. It was at this concert that I learned that I can worship God with everything I had. I loved the stand up electonic drum set and the very cool 80’s outfits they wore. Actually, I am turning 40 in March 2008, and I am having a huge 80’s party here in Florida. I am looking for bash debut and Big Mouth album. Does anyone have one they want to sell? Please let me know if you do. You can even come to my party!

  26. Todd, the front man was Keith Lancaster. A great guy with a big heart.

  27. Dave, thanks! Is it true that he and his wife run a Christian school somewhere out east? What does Keith do now a days?

  28. Bash N the Code was the first christian concert I ever saw, in Sarasota FL; I don’t remember what year…I would love a copy of a tape..with “Testify” on it……know where I can find one?

  29. Hiram, where in FL is the party????

  30. The party is going to be at silver Springs park in Ocala, Fl. Email me at hiram@marketplaceforum.net and I will get you more info.

  31. Fun fun band! The term “cheesy” is really unfair because most of the production of Christian music in the 80’s seems a bit cheesy these days. But for those of us who were teens back then, we were psyched to have anything halfway cool in Chritiandom to claim as ours. Bash taught us all to let go and worship with everything in us. They also justified my goofy new wave image to my parents.

    Long live the memory of Bash!!!

  32. I was a fan of found free in the early eighties. I first saw the band at my church, and I purchased a cassette. This was in ’83 or ’84 I think. I was crazy for the music, and now I find myself looking for it again now. I do not remember the title of the album, or the titles of the songs, but I do remember that one of these songs had the voice of a little child being pushed on a swing, saying “Higher daddy! Higher”. Can anyone help me with the title or where I can find this? I know it is the proverbial needle in the haystack…. Thanks for any help….

  33. Strange enough I was enlisted in the Navy had just excepted Christ and was a 80’s dj. One of my youth group members gave me a Bash cassette and I totally wore it out! The song that really touched me especially the vocals was “Diamond in the Rough”. Well I killed the tape, never heard more about the group but have never forgot the sound and that song. At that time of my life they were inspirational, far from cheesy. Today I am a youth minister in a program the really focuses on todays Christian music. And if you look back at what was happening then, you can see its happening all over again. God is moving through our/His music and His Youth! That’s what got me digging into the music that influenced me. If anyone can tell me how to get a hold of The song “diamond” or that cassette or some kinda copy please let me know!
    My e-mail is: exodus42@gmail.com and I would love any info you my have on how to get this information. THx!

  34. Crispy I’m with you, Someone asked about a reunion? I’d say do it! Secular groups do it, and even find the fan following is much greater than they thought. This forum is proof that you are not forgotten, even though some call it cheesy, if they look back at their own pics from back then they’d discover how cheesy they were also. Heck I found my picture. Blond bangs, hanging earrings,
    Parachute Pants (yellow) add to the fact that (then) I was built like a pro wrestler and I’m Black! Im
    talkin not just cheesy but downright scary! Anywho we all change and grow up and out…If you wanna see what I do now go here: http://www.lulu.com/content/926532

  35. Hello All!
    “Diamond” and “Testify” can be found on the self-titled Bash-N-the Code album. There are a couple LP’s and a cassette tape on eBay and gemm.com right now (Feb 2008). I would recommend that anyone looking for this old Christian music invest in a record player (I did and it’s worth it just to hear these old tunes again!) Unfortunately music like this won’t ever be re-released on CD. I met Greg and Rebecca Sparks in 1989 when they played a solo concert at out church here in Saginaw Mich. They played alot of the Bash songs and I have collected all the Bash music and their solo stuff since then. God has blessed the Sparks and Keith Lancaster with a gift! Also, has anyone ever heard of Solveig Leithaug? She’s a Christian pop singer from Norway, I believe, and her two albums from the 80’s are great, too.

  36. Oh! I forgot to add… I would be first in line to see a Bash-N-the Code reunion if the Sparks are included!!!

  37. There couldn’t be a Bash reunion without Greg & Rebecca…. but I wouldn’t want to do it without Keith either… one of the reasons that I stayed in Bash longer than i should have was watching Keith’s annointing nightly change lives

  38. I was keyboard player for the first Bash record….(and the tail-end of Found Free).
    If there’s a reunion….I wanna be there! Love you guys….enjoyed the comments.

    • Hey Trent – I can NOT get “Can You Use This Child” out of my broken brain. I totally loved that tune – the band’s sound, the haunting vocal, the message in the lyrics. I remember the chorus and some of the verse melody, but can’t recall the remainder of the verse and lyrics. Can you direct me as to where I can find the tape or CD containing that track? Thanks, Amigo! – Lee

  39. Found Free sang at the bandshell in Marquette, Michigan when I was a youngster and I’ll never forget them. Their music and “show” really connected with me.

    I also enjoyed listening years later to Greg and Rebecca.

  40. As another one of the many thousands of Ex Bash-n-The Code keyboard players, I too would be interested in a reunion concert. Ok – so far the band is: Scott on keyboards, Trent on keyboards, and Marty on keyboards. Do you think there will be any room for Chris Kearney, Mark Townsend, Greg and Rebecca, and Keith ?

  41. How cool to see everyone wanting to have a reunion. I still have my signed picture of Bash n the code. I was just trying to remember the bands I listened to and look them up on the net. How neat to find this!
    -a 80’s teen.

  42. have been searching for Bash N The Code 1986 with same title forever. had the cassette in college and now can’t find it anywhere on internet. Everyone has the more recent albums. Any ideas? Thanks.

    • Hey Linda… I JUST saw this. Listen, I have this on a vinyl album and I’d be more than happy to burn a copy onto a CD for you, just let me know!

      Rick :-)

  43. If you guys do put something together please let us all know about it. Im more than sure your fan base will come. I dont think anyone will still have any 80’s outfits left over to ware, but hey its all about the NEW WAVE…..

    God bless….M-Cruz

  44. Bashn’n the Code was my favorite group. They exuded with love for God and people!!!

    Keep it up!

  45. I want to pass on: You can get the Sparks’, from bash’n the code, newer solo albums at:


  46. This was FUN reading about the impact of FF:Bash… I’m a college prof now in CHI and some of us we were just chatting about the IMPACT of the group in Sioux Falls,SD! Many of my youth group kids were changed through the ministry! The music was great, the people were inspiring, and Keith was one of the BEST in bringing us closer to the Lord! It’s fun seeing the photos (above) and seeing Scott, and Greg & Rebecca… Thanks so much! Shucks… I guess I better apologize for sour ice cream we made when we hosted the group at SFC!

  47. OK…I’m feeling incredibly nostalgic…What a walk down memory lane, reading some of these postings…Scott C: I hope you check this site again…How are you doing? What a time in my life, Found Free & BASH N’ The Code – Oh my goodness! There are many, many people that would consider attending a REUNION, too many to mention! I often think of all of you, hoping you are doing well…I send my love to all Past FF & Bash members. S. Kuker

  48. Wow. This is all so bizarre. Real live members of Bash-n-the-Code in a forum on-line. I was a kid in the Chicago area in the 80’s and our church sponsored a Bash concert at the highschool in Lake Station. Turns out Jamie’s mom went to our church. My dad, the pastor, took me over to her house one day and this old lady gives me the guitar Jamie had when she was a kid. I still have the old Yamaha acoustic in my closet. And that was probably 20+ years ago. I learned to play on that thing and now do worship ministry.

    Bash totally influenced a ton of people’s lives for the Lord.

    Haven’t seen any mention on here of Jamie Kearney as the vocalist on Big Mouth and More Than Enough. What gives? And what ever happened to Jamie and Chris anyhow?

    I still have a cassette of Big Mouth in a drawer in my office. I haven’t listened to it in a few years, but it always makes me smile when I see it.

    • They live in Nashville and serve in their church. Chris teaches drums. We used to be good friends but haven’t heard from them in a long time. I hope they are doing well.

  49. Marty “Go Greyhound” MacKeever here from the “Big Mouth” album – 1987 ish ? I can tell you what I know about where some of my fellow Basher’s reside. Chris and Jamie Kearney live in Nashville TN. I think Mark Townsend is still here in Nashville, TN. Keith Lancaster was in Smyrna, TN last time I checked. Trent Dean from the first Bash album is in Hollywood California. Scot Carmichael is in I think Hewitt, NJ. Greg and Rebecca Sparks I think might be in Pittsburgh, PA. Gary Williams from the “More than Enough” album I think is in Georgia (Maybe Atlanta). Johnny Fett from the “More than Enough” album is in Nashville, TN. Kirk Ebberhard from the “Big Mouth” album ping pongs from Nashville, TN to another state that I can’t remember. There are so many more it would be impossible to list everyone. If Bash did a reunion show and everybody participated – there would be like 47 dudes and dudets on stage. Ok you Bash fans, now that I told you the cities and states where some of the other Bash members live ….. Let’s get to Stalking !!!!!

  50. hey my name is shane and i first saw bash around ’85 or ’86 at burlington high school in washington state. i met gary williams then(keys and sax) and have been close friends with him since. he is not in georgia anymore he is back in ohio. i have to say when i was around you guys at concerts backstage with gary you were very kind and fun. you made me feel like i belonged there. you guys rocked and i loved your music. i still have pictures of some of the times that i saw you guys and hung out with the band. you were a blessing to a young boy that needed something good in his life. thank you for the great memories. i am a musician myself now and love playing good modern worship and blues based rock.

    • Love you Shane. There were times I wanted to quit and thought of you and others like you who made what we do so rewarding. I still believe in you, buddy. God has great things in store for you.

  51. found free was my first christian concert. back in SPRINGFIELD OHIO. i had just got saved.in the early 1980’s. i bought the album. and loaned it to one of the leaders of the church . . and never got it back. . i hope and pray someone will let me know how to get hold of a copy of that album. i remember a few words to a couple songs. one song I remember all the words to was called “hope” it started out ” mickey was killed in a fight today, shot down in blood on the streets of LA”, ETC… THE CHORUS…” THERES HOPE, HOPE Jesus comes to us and HE brings hope”.etc. oh I could go on and on. I remember the whole song. I get such great feelings when I think back.At the end of another song the band members ” freeze” and the lead singer says” oh if you miss the makers mold for you , you missed HIS very very very best.” and go back into the chorus. WOW! great stuff . i’m desperate to find this record. somebody help please. THANKS SCOT .

  52. My little group of friends ADORED Bash N The Code. In fact we went to so many concerts and got hit with silly string so often that one year at a festival (Creation or Jesus, not sure which) we caught them walking on a path and sprayed them with silly string!

    Oh those are great memories.

  53. I was a huge fan of Bash in the mid-80s. I saw them three times – every time they came thru Ohio. Far and away, my favorite song was “Testify.” I’ll be honest — I have no idea where my old cassette is — haven’t listened to it in upward of 10 years at least — but that dern song STILL gets stuck in my head!

  54. Went on a Caribbean cruise with Bash ‘n the Code & several other bands. They were great. Lots of energy & fun & talent. Lead singer (forgot her name, was a lively Christian Liza Minelli) I was an engineer at a conference in Nashville. Divine appointments brought me to the Bash House where I signed up & hung out. New wave music, like that produced from the secular band Missing Persons or Christian bands Crumbacher & Bash ‘n the Code, was not cheezy…hundred times better than today’s rap cr@p music. Also better than the heavy guitar doper head music of the 70s. 80s had so much good music–Christian & secular–it was hard to keep up. I feel upbeat in public places playing 80s new wave, but feel angry/depressed with 70s/90s/2000s rap/rock/grunge/etc. music playing in background.

  55. I loved Bash ‘n the Code! I was in Jr. High @ the time, & had @ least 3 of their tapes. I just ran a crossed the tapes a couple of weeks ago in my basement, and have been playing them in car. My 7 year old daughter is so in love with them now. She is always singing “Big Mouth” & begs me to play it over and over in the car. I found this site while searching for a CD, b/c she want the songs on her ipod. Wow, how things have changed, guess I will have to be creative to get them on her ipod.

  56. I think it’s safe to say that music has changed from decade to decade. What seems cheesy now really was not in it’s time. The Bash n’ the Code music was phenomenal then, and my teens are liking it NOW. The lyrics were heart hitting and profound, while still being fun and lively. If you guys ever did a reunion, I would be there with a new generation of fans! I wish I could find your music on CD or mp3. I only have one tape left (the first one), and it is quickly wearing out. God bless you for the ministry you had, and the new ministries the Lord has you in now. To HIM be the glory and praise for the gifts He has given.

    Peace and Blessings!

  57. Hey Trent – I can NOT get “Can You Use This Child” out of my broken brain. I totally loved that tune – the band’s sound, the haunting vocal, the message in the lyrics. I remember the chorus and some of the verse melody, but can’t recall the remainder of the verse and lyrics. Can you direct me as to where I can find the tape or CD containing that track? Thanks, Amigo! – Lee

  58. As i sit right now in my home office converting Bash ‘N’ the Codes “More than Enough” from tape to Digital so that i can put it on my Ipod, i decided to do a google search to see if i could find what the members of the band where up to now….i came across this website…did not know there was still fans out there!!! Awesome!!! I am a stuck in the 80’s and early 90’s Christian Music Scene…so much so i started my own blog so that i can share what the different bands and solo artist music meant to me…Thank you to whoever did this website!! If anyone wants a copy of More than Enough i am willing to share. God Bless

    • Anthony, I would LOVE to have a copy! I just got a cassette of More than Enough from ebay but I have no way to digitize it. You can email me at praisechick at gmail dot com. Thanks!

    • Anthony,
      All I have is a cassette of their debut album (the one with “Testify” and “Diamonds”). If you have THAT in digital format, I would absolutely love it! Let me know. Thanks.


  59. I converted an OLD LP to digital recently, It was a sampler album from the long defunct record company “Green Tree Records” and it had an old “Found Free” song on it “I Won’t Turn Back”. I think I first saw them perform at a tiny Christian college in Berkshire, Massachusetts. I had their tape from that concert, but it’s been “lost to antiquity”. That was in the late 70’s. I was just working at my computer with my mp3’s playing and that MP3 came on and I did a search. I had LONG forgotten that “Found Free” became “Bash N’ The Code”. I saw “Bash” perform at Christian Music night at (Then) Marriotts Great America in Santa Clara, California in the early 80’s and they performed at the college I attended, San Jose Bible College.

    THEN in the mid-90’s a fell in love with “Sparks” and was completely clueless to the heritage! “I Can’t Dance (When You Stand On My Feet)” is still one of my favorites, as is “Work For Love”.

    Gosh, what memories, and they were all connected!

    I just want to say that “I Won’t Turn Back” from the 70’s probably kept me following Christ in a very dark time of my life when I could have gone into the dark forever.

    So I praise Him for using ALL of the members of these bands so wonderfully and mightily.

  60. Okay, as the record holder for longest running keyboard player during the bash era (3.5 years following a six month stint as the bands soundman during Marty’s brief reign on the keyboard throne), I have to chime in. Well, technically Scott was with the band longer, but initially as a guitarist. His stint on keyboards was shorter so I must give the man his props.

    Greatest experience of my life. Period. Seeing lives changed night after night, and getting to be the guy who did all the followup and corresponding with the young people who came forward to accept Jesus. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I salute all the bashers who went before me who had it alot rougher. I’m proud to be part of this bands legacy, even if the music was a little cheesy. It was the 80’s?

    • Hey Gary…

      thought I’d say Hi… leading worship now… and still recording in my home studio…

      cool web-page…. I found this because I’m searching for Keith… he seems to have fallen off the earth…

  61. GARY!!!!!! Hey its shane. I lost
    Your new contact info. Email me ay
    fstbrn31@yahoo.com. Would love to
    Talk with you! I hope you get this

  62. This group had significant impact on people’s lives. This band is one that I had the great pleasure to see and gets to know after coming back to Christ from being a back slidden Christian. When I saw them come into play in my spirit the question I had was, “Are these guys really Christians?” They played 3 Christian rock songs and the question still lingered. The Keith Lancaster started to speak and minister. When it was all over I was “Found Free”. They were who they were supposed to be in Christ and I learned that I had to discover who I was in Christ, and develop and grow to be what God wanted me to be. I had been a clone Christian. Bash-n-Code helped me discover who I should be in Christ. We are all different parts of the body. Ask God through Jesus what part you are to be. God bless all of you who were a part of changing lives via “Found Free” and Bash-n-Code.

    • Anyone from Bash who remembers me from Minnesota let me know how you are.

    • Hey Jerry

      I read through this whole page… your comments put a lump in my throat… I hope that this time was well spent, and really mattered in the lives of people. I spent close to 8 years on the road with Found Free & Bash… I have moved on to raise a family, plant a church, and lead worship…

      this post meant very much to me…

      thanx; Scott

  63. I LOVED Bash back in the Day….Will He Find Faith was an amazing and still is an amazing song. My daughter who is 28 now…asked me a couple years ago …Mom do you remember going to see Bash in the Code?(she was 6 at the time)That was such a fun concert!…(you made an impression)..it was fun…and loved the energy you guys had and your uniqueness/music!…it was like Christian B52s or something!!…Thanks

  64. Official Bash-N-The Code Facebook Page is out all these years later started in 2010 !
    Try this link –

  65. Wow…1985..The Found Free Cruise!!! Being on the big boat with these sold out God lovers was the beginning of a very radical transformation in my relationship with Jesus and His followers. I can honestly say that during that week of GREAT times that the group allowed God to pour Himself into the lives of so many people….it was one of the hallmark expeiences that I have experienced in my walk with Christ…Now I have a family and 4 kids of my own….Thanks to all of the memebers of this band for being so willing to put their sold outness on the line for every one to see. I look forward to hangin out with yall in heaven.

  66. wow i totally missed out on bash, but found free really made an impact on me . anybody ? anywhere? have a copy of found free “i’m not gonna sing solo no more” or “hope” anybody? that was a wonderful album please e-mail me at scotserv@hotmail.com the front ,man was so good. sombody help me please thanks scot j.

  67. Lyndy Zabel here … a little known “short-timer” keyboard player with Found Free. One of the best experiences of my life. Wouldn’t trade it for anything. I’m still playing and preaching in MN. “Hi” to Scott, Scott, Bish, Chris, Rebecca, Greg, Rebecca and Keith. Hope you’re all doing well

  68. Hi Scott: the group was awesome and had an impact on eternity. Sounds like you are continuing that impact.

  69. I got to be on the 1986 FF cruise and Bash (all of them) were the best hosts and so easy to approach.

  70. Love the fact this blog started in 2006 and in 2013 it is still beujng read.

    Listened to and worked with lots of Christian bands in the 80’s and 90’s sure most had a cheesiness factor but there was a realness factor at the heart of these bands that was far less commercial and much more ministry.

    BASH was a fun group and authentic!

    • I am wondering if there is anyone out there owning a CD copy of Bash’N The Code’s self-titled album? I have a very warn cassette, and it has great sentimental value. I would hate to lose those songs altogether.

      • I still have both the Vinyl and the Tape, but no CD (can’t get to either though, as I was hit by the tornado last week).

      • Let me see what I’ve got, in what format. I do know I have 2 of their albums and/or CDs.

      • Terrific. Thanks for checking.

      • Sorry to hear that. Hope you and your loved ones are safe and sound. Finding outdated music is a low priority to survival. You’re in my prayers.

      • We are safe. Living with my Mom until we can get our house back to normal (as if it ever was). This storm was a bit stronger than the one we had on the FF-Cruise in 1986.

      • I’m glad to hear you’re alright! I work with LifeChurch.tv and we have a location there that has been helping people. The stories I’ve heard of what people are going through is absolutely horrible.

  71. Hi everyone, Steve C. from Tasmania, Australia here.

    I don’t know how I have it in my possession, but I have – signed by Keith Lancaster, Marcy Devens, Dave Van Huisen, & David Michael Ed – a copy of ‘Found Free’ by Found Free.
    Would this be the first recording by the band?

    Side one:
    1. Spread a little Love
    2. Two Hands
    3. Taking me Home
    4. My own Way
    5. Get all Excited

    Side two:
    1. Sweet Sweet Song of Salvation
    2. Here’s my life
    3. How Wonderful Thou Art/How Great Thou Art
    4. The Twelve Disciples
    5. Jesus Paid it All

    Found Free
    Olde Towne Productions
    BOX 14491

    On the Record Label it states:
    Olde Towne RECORDING LTD
    BOX 10213
    Alexandria, Virginia

    Produced by…
    Found Free

    Arranged by…
    Lari Goss

    More interesting though is that where the members have signed their names, underneath it they have written their favourite/salient biblical passage ie; Romans 10:13 etc

    Maybe an ex-member of Found Free may have a back-catalogue of their recordings to see where this fits in to the legacy of the band?

    I would possibly be interested in parting with this potential rarity if anyone is interested because you guys seem to be the personnel whom will appreciate it for it’s content and not collect it for collection’s sake.



    • Do you have the means to record a CD from the album?

      • Hi Hugh…Hi everyone.

        Yes indeed! I do have the means to record from LP to digital.

  72. I searched years for the group that sang the
    song ” Will He Find Faith”? It had a haunting , yet soul searching feel to it that I couldn’t get it out of my mind…I mean for years!

    I’d only heard the chorus once or twice on an old beat up radio in our maintenance shop – and then that was it…like it dissapeared.

    I searched youtube today (April 26, 2014) thinking , I’d give it another try…well, I struck gold! I had no idea Bash n the Code sang it. I got so teared up because it brought back so many happy memories…whoever posted this song: THANK YOU.

  73. Lots of us have fond memories of Bash.. I did their travel for the travel club for several large trips. Very fun! Too bad we can’t just go on like in 1986! But things to move on, and sons and daughters take of the parent’s place in the limelight. I am a psychologist now, boy that is a change!

  74. Are you going to release your CDs from the eighties and nineties. Especially the self-titled CD bashing the code. I am jonesing for the old music Please release your CDs

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