Blue Trapeze

May 20, 2006

BLue trapeze1.jpg

Blue Trapeze is a trio from California who are playing the clubs and forming their own following. Although their songs do carry spiritual sentiments, they have not been accepted by many in the "Christian circuit."

The 3 members are : Roger Arendse – bass, backing vocals ; Lisa Kline-Koenig – drums, keyboards , vocals ; and Dan Koenig – guitar, vocals. The trio's moody and propulsive music would be perfectly at home on a bill with X or R.E.M.

Sanctuary, the bands release contains five originals and a cover version of Velvet Underground's "Femme Fatlae." The album intelligently tried to present the real world. Dan states that "I get sick of those songs where everything is a big spiritual triumph all the time."

Blue Trapeze are following their dreams and, like the performers in a circus show, they are indeed "walking the high wire." The excitement of "traveling the road less followed" is always balanced by the danger of uncertainty and narrow-mindedness.

Similar artist : R.E.M.

Audio Sample : 90 seconds


One comment

  1. Blue Trapeze Discography
    Who Were You Then? (1984)

    Sanctuary (1985)

    Mask & Marquee (1986)

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