Veil of Ashes

May 20, 2006


Veil of Ashes was an alternative Christian band from Oakland, California that was a favorite in the Bay Area but never found a national audience. Hipness credentials were incredibly high : Gene Eugene of Adam Again produced Pain, they opened for bands like The Choir and the Seventy Sevens, and they covered the Rolling Stones' "Play with Fire" in concert. Still, the group only obtained brief notice, and a second incarnation called simply Veil did not fare much better commercially. The group built a cult following sufficient to justify a compilation album on Michael Knott's doomed Blonde Vinyl label. Musically, the band has a sound that sometimes recalls the Doors, though critics would also notice touches of more obscure bands like The Cult and Gene Loves Jezebel.

Similar artist : Gene Loves Jezebel.

Audio Sample : 90 seconds



  1. as the original bass player for veil, i am amazed that people still find us relivant. i am currently back in vegas my home town and am employed in the medical home infusion field. thank you everyone who is a fan of our music

  2. I love all 3 albums from you guys . . . there must be other demos and albums I’ve missed. Impressive bass playing and great vocals from Sean Doty especially when he does the falsettos. . . . U2-ish guitars too. Awesome songwriting too without taking out and sacrificing the gospel truths.

  3. Sterling:

    This is Jerry Wilson, who you might remember from days gone by. I’m putting together a book chronicling the early days of Christian alternative rock. Please leave a comment at my blog (click on my name for the link) with your e-mail address if you’re interested in doing an interview for it. Thanks.

  4. Hey, Sterling! I have a buring question for you. Please help me clear this one up because it has been a great mystery to me. Did you play bass for Duran Duran on the album “Liberty”? There is a band member named “Sterling” and he plays bass. If not, sorry for the confusion. Band pictures on both, the album covers of VOA and DD are not clear enough to tell if it is you or someone else. Thank you.

    • wow, sorry it took so long to get back to you. i just bought my own laptop. yea, i know i’m kind of a dinosaur and not the most computer savvy. no, that was not me with duran duran.

  5. I don’t think Sterling Cambell played Bass for Duran Duran. He was the drummer and I believe that Sterling from VOA who plays bass is not the same person.

  6. I caught Veil of Ashes a couple of times in the early early nineties in Concord, Ca and I think once in San Francisco. Absolutely fantastic band that I remember blowing the socks of my then-favorite band at the time the 77’s at one of the Scream shows.

    I’d be interested in finding out what all of them are up to.

    As an aside, anyone no of or heard of No Laughing Matter?

  7. Actually Jerry Wilson of Goldfish and Clowns is working on a book called “God’s Not Dead And Neither Are We”. Can’t wait when that comes out. Must be an interesting and informative read. Check out the link below and support the artist and the author by purchasing a copy when it comes out. Veil of Ashes, 4-4-1, Undercover, Crumbacher, The Choir . . . etc have several interviews on the upcoming book.


  8. Sterling

    Been trying to track you down over the years. Send an email so we can catch up!


  9. john dlugosh, my first and best roadie..reply to this so we can talk!!!!!!!

  10. Hey Sterling, trying to find Sean. Remember me, the old Word Rep in Nor. Cal? Any help would be appreciated! Tried facebook but can’t find him.

  11. Hi Joe! Sean Doty does have a FB account and I do too only it’s not under Sterling. Sterling was a cool rock name I adapted like everyone else was doing at the time i.e. Johnny Rotten, Sid Viscious, Sting, Poly Styrene……

  12. Sterling! Remember that other roadie who hung out with Shona all the time, listening to Queensryche? Pepperdine and Cornerstone in Chicago? Please find me on FB, I’d love to hear from you and catch up!

  13. Hey Sterling you guys did a show with the Altar Boys (my old band) in nor cal some time back. Just to let you know I totally remember you guys. Your name clinched it especially, but I also talked with Sean. Look me up on FB!

  14. Hey guys! I was just listening to your tape Negro. Cool early versions of what I got to hear first on Pain. Any more demo tapes out there you guys want to share with us?

  15. @ Kerry: no and yes……..we have three songs in the can that we recorded in I believe 1994, a cover of a Dead Artist Syndrome song, “Reach” , excerpts from our 1988 Cornerstone gig, plus hopefully the official video for “The Times They Are A Changin'” and other live video clips coming out soon as a CD/DVD release intitled “Eternal Teenage Angst”. The publishers and good friends of mine from Down The Line magazine are ponying up the money to produce, manufacture and release said project through thier magazine…………..check it out and subscribe………subcription is free..

  16. Also, the Dead Artist Syndrome song was recorded last year i.e.May of 2010 as a 20 year reunion thing and to help Brian Healy with some hospitle bills.

  17. Hey guys! I just checked out the new Veil of Ashes recording, “Eternal Teenage Angst” here: http://veilofashes.bandcamp.com/album/eternal-teenage-angst

    Check it out and buy it!

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