The Imitators

May 21, 2006

The Imitators were an 80's techno/dance band that drew on the basic new wave sound that was in the air at the time. The group's incluences ranged from Psychedelic Furs ("The Kingdom of Heaven is within you,"Idol") to The Cars ("Got to feel the fire," "I'll keep holding on"). The song "Children of the Lie" attracted some attention for what CCM called "adventurous lyrics." It describes two young people having sex in the back set of a car: "They're into the Bible / She's using it for a pillow/ He's moaning, Oh God."

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  1. My father-in-law is Phil Mason, the keyboardest and one of the singers from that band!

    • I worked with Phil at City Concrete years ago. Where’s he at these days? — steve gates kmbs konicaminolta us —

  2. Awesome! The Imitators is one of those bands that uses the keyboard cleverly. Melodic Synth lines in the vein of Mike Score of A Flock of Seagulls. . . . really good band that we would surely miss.

    • My brother Richard Cabrera was the drummer for the Imitators. Richard Cabrera went home to the Lord last week. He was living in New Mexico for the last several years with his three dogs. He also was the President of R-Tyme Records which recorded and produced Bob Gallarza’s Smooth Jazz record.Mr. Gallarza is a three time Grammy award winning Guitarist from Houston Texas. My brother will be missed by his family and friends. The band in Heaven just got themselfs one of the best drummers around. Until we meet again my brother.
      Alex Cabrera

      • Alex, I’m so sorry for your loss. And although he’s entered into the joy of God’s Eternal Presence, I have no doubt that he’s terribly missed by all who knew him. He was such a gentle and caring soul – always had a kind word. I talked with Richard about a year ago. He was really excited with his new music project, and it was wonderful to hear his voice. He told me he had returned to his Catholic roots. It gave us something in common, as I was on my way to confirmation in the Episcopal Church – a quieter spirituality for both of us. I do humbly ask permission to pray for you and those you love. Please feel free to write me if you wish. I’m sure there are no strangers in heaven, so all the more we’ll rejoice in our reunions.

        God bless you, and thanks for letting us all know about Richard.


      • I just found out about Richard. I loved working with him in the studio. It is hard to understand God’s ways sometimes, but Richard is in a place of no judgment and pure love. I’m envious.

  3. Cole:

    I have been looking for Once and for All on cd forever. Do you know if it is available?


    • CD’s I don’t believe you can find anywhere because they never made cd’s. But I do know you can find vinyls and cassetts pretty much anywhere online if you google. I recently bought back a few vinyls just from some random online stores that sell vintage music. :-)

      • Once and for All was re-mixed and re-mastered at Studio 4 in Philly, and the remix was so hot, but they were broke and couldn’t buy it, around the time of their move to New Jersey – my dad (keyboardest for Imitators) said that he’s planning on taking all the material that he has on vinyl and cassette from his days in the Imitators and put them on cd’s and start selling them again. He wants to get it back in the system, along with is other stuff.

  4. I just received a burned copy of The Imitators “Once And For All” this week. Great stuff!

  5. This is one band that broke new ground for Christain music! i still have the cassette tape (whats that)still sounds great. my question is where are they? 441 undercover and alter boys are still around?????

  6. I loved and grew up with this band – I had the EP and once and for all – far too few releases. They were like the flip-side of 441 – but definitely the cooler side for those that were a bit more musically literate..

    They, along with Quickflight were one of the few bands that had some real artistry and just went with it.

  7. I want to purchase the imitators cds…where can i find them?

  8. i wish i knew more about what happened to the members of this great band. they were a huge influence in my early days as a born-again christian. if anyone knows about them, please email me scsleonjones (at yahoo website) because i am always wondering what happened to them (musically and personally).

    • Yeah, Phil Mason (Keyboards and vocals) is my dad – the band actually broke up upon moving to New Jersey from California in 1986 – that’s where I was born; because the producer ended up dropping off the face of the planet once the band arrived and left them without a cent. It was a lie…it’s sad. The lead singer and guitarist, Barry Edge, is still in New Jersey, and we moved back to California, and are now living in North Texas. My dad pastors a congregation here in the North Dallas County and, along with myself and other siblings, are going to be recording new music very soon. Maybe you’ll see it on the rise… :-) I think we’ll be covering a few old Imitators songs. We’ll see…

      • Yes indeed, the breakup was a sad one as none of us really wanted to break up the band. We simply could not afford to go on. The band’s demise sent us in all different directions all over the country. As you said, I ended up in NJ, where I live with my wife (together now 18 years) and two children. I still play guitar, still write music (mostly instrumental), still love Jesus and attend church right across the bridge in NYC, just near Central Park. I have the equipment to digitalize the Imitators’ music, but I only have a couple songs as MP3 files. Someone has been kind enough to post our stuff on You Tube, and coming here, it’s great to find all of you, and see that there are some people out there who remember us. What a great blessing!

        We never wrote much in the way of “salvation music,” because we quickly realized the majority of our audience was Christian, so instead, we focused on challenging young Christians to a deeper level of comittment to Christ. Nice to see you all.

        Barry Edge

      • All the cicumstances around our breakup as a band is sad indeed. We just became starving musicians because of bad management decisions. I know I took a dive spiritually after the breakup and the fact I went through a divorce and the loss of both my parents all around the same time. I did not pick up a guitar for over 20 years, but God is faithful and just to finish the good work in us. I have come full circle. God has restored my life and my relationships. I have been playing again and have recently written some new songs. Also I have both Imitators Albums on CD’s and the original Vinyl. The posts you may bs seeing on YouTube are probably from my very good friend Kathy. She has also put the song “Sometimes” to video. You can see it on my Facebook profile in the links. I post it from time to time. Kathy is also working on vid for some of the other songs. Miss all you guys, Phil, Richard, Robert and of course you Mr. Edge. In His Love…..

      • Wow guys, it’s crazy to see you on here! What a crack up. Well, I’m certainly so glad that you’re all doing so well. :-) I’ll see if I can get my dad to hop on here and join the conversation. He’ll be surprised and thrilled to get back in touch. I would LOVE to hear all your songs post Imitators! Barry, I think your writing technique and style is so deep and influential, and I’d love to hear anything new you guys put out. :-) I’ll be around so I’ll talk to you guys later! God bless! Thanks for coming on here!

      • Hey Sydney,

        How about getting your dad to drop me a line. I’d love to chat with him. Hope all is well with you and yours.


      • Hey Barry,
        Yeah, he’d love to chat with you as well. Do you want me to get him on here, or would you rather him email you? Let me know – my email address is sydneymason@live.com. :-) I’ve also got facebook and myspace.

      • Wow. This just way too awesome seeing these posts. I think I had mentioned on an earlier post, that I have both albums on CD’S, if anyone is interested. I still love listening to them on occasion. Miss them days back with the band. Fond memories with me. Miss all!!!. I have posted my e-mail and I am also on Face book, if anyone would like to contact me: xxxxxxxxxxxx@bellsouth.net. Oh…How did we get to be in our late 50’s..LOL.

      • Thank you Sydney Mason for your response and information. The music that The Imitators put out influenced and challenged me throughout my youth (and new walk with the Lord). I had a difficult time during my teens (dealing with parents, responsibilities etc etc) and their music lyrics hit the depths of my emotions & frustrations more than any other music group. To this day, I will play their cassettes (can you believe I still have them!?) and when I listen to the words/lyrics….I still feel inspired to be a better Believer and follower of the Word.

        Thanks from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to read my post and may God continue to lift these guys up spiritually & musically! :)
        scsleonjones@yahoo.com / christina jones

      • Hi, I am Richard Cabrera the drummer for the Imitators. Its great to hear that people still remember the work we loved doing as a Christian Band. Since then, I completed my education at the PhD level and am still in music but by way of a record label called R-Tyme Records. My partner is Bob Gallarza from Texas who is s 2 time Grammy winner for his arranging and is a great guitar player. Our newly released CD is a smooth latin jazz project which is worth listening to. Meanwhile, I always loved performing with the Imitators and would love to hear from the rest of my brothers.

      • I wanted to let you guys know how good it is to hear that you all survived the storms in our early musical days. In the past 6 months I have had such a strong calling from the Lord to get closer to Him and of course while doing so I thought of our times as a diverse group of brothers who ending up playing together in the Imitators. Guys, I tell you, something is happening in this world since many also feel the moving of His spirit upon His people. I find myself going to church 4 to 5 times a week simply because I love the feeling of His presense within me and think it is so cool when He delivers an answer to my prayers…even when it has been NO! haaa. But it is no coincedence that we were brought together for a reason, Phil, Barry, Dave and Robert… I love you guys and I hope we can get together again sometime. I find that all of the songs we played have a special place in my life since I still can feel my heart respond to all the lyrics like when other Christians used to listen to us. God Bless you guys
        Richard your brother and drummer

    • Thank you Christina for your kind words! It’s so great to find that there are people who are even STILL being ministered to thru this music. This is a great legacy. Thanks for sharing!

      • Christina, I’d like to offer a word of thanks also. We had a wonderful time playing together. We were very good friends and spent a lot of time with each other. Our time together was a blessing, and a rare priviledge. I’m so grateful to God that you found encouragement in the music we wrote. It means so much to me, especially all these years later, to know we made contact. God bless you for posting here, Christina.

  9. I had the opportunity to mix for them at Calvary Chapel of Downey and saw them two other times. They were a great band especially the lyrics. Unfortunately I lost my only cassette many years ago.

  10. My father (Gary) was one of the drummers for The Imitators. Bruce, you probably ran sound for a show at C.C. Downey when he played, I remember being at the Show, though I was a young child at the time.

    • Hello, I have been looking for Imitators songs for what seems like forever (ever since an ex of mine took a box of my LP’s years and years ago). I have looked everywhere with no luck, so if anyone could help a long lost fan out with some music I would be so grateful…. seacliffnights@gmail.com

    • Yeah, tell your dad, Gary, that my dad, Phil says he did an awesome job playing drums for them for the time that he did. He remembers playing their first gig at the C.C. in Costa Mesa – that was when Richard, the original drummer, was having trouble, and decided to come back later after about a couple months.

      • I will pass along the message , thanks :)

  11. Yeah, Phil Mason (Keyboards and vocals) is my dad – the band actually broke up upon moving to New Jersey from California in 1986 – that’s where I was born; because the producer ended up dropping off the face of the planet once the band arrived and left them without a cent. It was a lie…it’s sad. The lead singer and guitarist, Barry Edge, is still in New Jersey, and we moved back to California, and are now living in North Texas. My dad pastors a congregation here in the North Dallas County and, along with myself and other siblings, are going to be recording new music very soon. Maybe you’ll see it on the rise… :-) I think we’ll be covering a few old Imitators songs. We’ll see…

    However, as far as getting anything Imitators on a cd (as it’s out of print) I don’t know if you can get that. They didn’t make cd’s. But, I know if you shop online and look around closely you’ll find some old “Once and for All” Vinyls or Imitators EP vinyls (I just bought some myself at random online stores) and you can find cassett tapes pretty much anywhere online if you google. I’d also try ebay to find good vinyls.

  12. Once and for All was re-mixed and re-mastered at Studio 4 in Philly, and the remix was so hot, but they were broke and couldn’t buy it, around the time of their move to New Jersey – my dad (keyboardest for Imitators) said that he’s planning on taking all the material that he has on vinyl and cassette from his days in the Imitators and put them on cd’s and start selling them again. He wants to get it back in the system, along with his other stuff.

  13. I have digitized my tapes. I would be more than happy to share if anyone is interested.

  14. Thanks, Paul, I’d really like to hear Phil weigh in on all this. I do hope he’ll bless us all with a few words. Would love to see all you guys. God’s love was strong between us.

    • Hey Mr. Edge! Color book therapy my house 11:00 sharp! Pinocchio’s the best! Still have it and laugh every time I look through it! My 3rd daughter loves fish…I blame that on the gifelte fish babysitter! Do you recall the incident? When I came home and you were sitting there with Kelsey feeding her strips of lox and gifelte fish on her high chair tray! I about croaked! You said, “whaaat?” “she loves it?” “she’s eating it faster than I can get it on her tray!” One more thing, I never turn on a garbage disposal without fond memories of your convulsing body hanging over my sink screaming my hair!! or was it your hand? I don’t know it was some body part! I about collapsed on the kitchen floor! Oh my gosh! I’m even laughing now! It was so so evil! “It’s just not christian!” (said with an English accent.) So,back to serious banter, I have been enjoying your correspondence with Phil the Pil! You my friend have been in our prayers and always on our hearts. You and your family and of coarse all the Imitator family. How we love you and miss you all. Phil and I are so blessed to call you friends and fellow heirs with Yeshua. Will talk with you soon. I’ll write ya later..

      • Hahaha ma, you’re so funny!

      • I DO remember both incidents. That kid of yours would eat anything. Jill was there the day I pretended to get my hand caught in the garbage disposal. She was standing right next to me and the tears just flew out of her eyes from terror. I was really quite surprised at what a scream and a mechanical sound would do.

        It’s so good to hear from you. I can sense the kindness in your words and it touches my heart to know you’re there, and look here at your beautiful girls all grown up. God is so good to us.

        I’ve started writing another book – this one is nonfiction and it’s about the same stuff I’ve been complaining and writing songs about for years – the huge disconnect between the church and an intimate, lifelong relationship with Jesus Christ. I used to think the church was mostly amusing as it was still a place to hear the gospel, but I fear this is changing. You know, back then, there was a lot of stuff we could just poke fun at and protest through our material. But now things have turned so serious, and in my opinion, which is sincere, but sincerely flawed, people will continue to flee the church to find God’s love and acceptance. But as it has been throughout the centuries, I believe God will bring revival — spiritual awakening, His own way. The fields have never been riper for harvest, and the need for God in people’s daily lives has never been greater, and He will, as He always does, raise up a new generation to take the place of the one that has forgotten Him.

        You know, I remember us so many times, on our knees in prayer, being so filled with His love and fellowship and power, sharing revelations from scripture with joyfulness, despite the tough times — they were exciting times too.

        Well, there I go. I used to blame this kind of rambling on the fervency of youth. Now it’s just the rambling of middle-age. Great to hear from you. Write soon.


  15. Well, it’s been a long time coming, but I guess I need to get busy with what we have on vinyl and get it in to the studio to get on CD stat. I do have a few questions on how we would market the product, and do we have rights to the music? I can’t think why we wouldn’t but I want to make sure we do everything on the up and up. I might also suggest, getting back together for a bit, re-recording our favorites DIGITALLY, and then add a few new tunes, get it on the radio, distribute via internet, push it hard, do a couple concert tours, sit back and collect, semi-retire and then do it all over again. Is anyone laughing yet? I know, I know, it’s not about the money. Barry, it has been awesome talking with you. I look forward to connecting with David and the rest of the guys, if they ever show up here. I don’t think God is ever done with His people until the day they leave this planet. So until then, may we fulfill ALL God has given us to do, and if we stopped short of what He wanted accomplished 24 years ago, then who are we to say, “no God, You don’t know what You are talking about, and I am not willing to do it again.” Don’t hurt me guys, I’m just saying….We need to be willing to do ANYTHING He asks. Amein? of course Amein. Be blessed in the name of Yeshua Hamashiach. Until next time, good night.

    • Lol, you’re crazy, dad – sounds good to me! Let’s do it! :-) I’ve been wanting to do a couple concert tours.

    • Hey Phil, so your in Texas? I am in New Mexico. I love you man!!
      Your drummer Richard

      • Well, well, well, Rich the man. Many years have passed since we last talked. I was gigging with my band in Temecula Ca and invited you, but, alas, you weren’t able to attend this function. Maybe, because you had previously told me, that “If you ever have a band and I am not your drummer, I’m going to beat you up.” I don’t know, perhaps you weren’t in the “Beating me up” mood that night. HaHaHa. Well, at this stage of the game, I don’t doubt anyone would have trouble accomplishing that task. I have been in correspondence with Mr. Edge, and I sure miss the playing and worshiping we used to do. I know Adonai had directed me and my family in a new direction within a couple of years our little band had started playing. The concerts and playing just didn’t feel right. That was when He spoke to my heart about Worship. Worship was my call and still is. He has anointed our entire family for worship and just playing songs is just about as empty as gigging at a bar somewhere. Well, not quite that bad. it’s just not our calling. At any rate, the pastoral thing is not a whim, as much as I’d hoped it would be at times. It is very tedious as well as very heavy on the responsibility side. Nothing gets past my Boss. He is demanding, yet very loving. He, however, has given us the wonderful responsibilty of ardent worship as well as pastoring. It goes hand in hand. We find our best ministering comes from fervent worship, not that it sets the mood, but it opens up the Heavens, and establishes a Heavenly atmosphere so the Spirit of God can flow and He does, on a regular basis. He never lets us down. We only let ourselves down. When the Spirit of Adonai is released into the building to do His work, I can literally say, mine ceases. His Glory carries it all the way to goal. I think my only frustration is in the fact, that, the flow of the Spirit comes to a halt, corporately. Oh, we carry it everywhere we go, but there is nothing like the atmosphere of corporate, unified worship. The Holy Spirit thrives on that. So do I. Let’s stay in touch. Maybe we can hookup on your label and do our projects together. I don’t know how that would happen. We have some recording equipment, but it is far from complete. So write me brother. Let’s chat. My email is pastorphilmason@live.com. or rabphilipmason@live.com. Those two are my best emails. Check out our website at gatesofzion.us. Hope to hear from you soon. So sorry to hear about Cindy. Love you too, man. Philip

  16. I transferred my Imitator albums to mp3, but I can hear the scratches and pops. I would love to by a cleaner CD. Let me know when you have one.

  17. Wow!!! I am amazed at the chatter here. I put the albums on disc a long time ago..

  18. I remember that I got all these guys together to become ” The Imitators ” . Good memories….

    • Hi Dave! How are you!! This is Lori Mason! It has been too long since we all last corresponded.I was just reading all the comments here for the Imitators and I am blessed like you,Barry and Phil that the Lord in His grace and mercy used the gift of music and worship that he gave us for the edifying of the body of the Lord.It’s so cool to read about the encouragement the music of the Imitators brought to others. Phil and I were talking about the possibility of a little reunion..just to fellowship and catch up and pray together once again. It would be good for all of us I think. I bet you Rob the slob is still swimming with the sea turtles of the coast of Hawaii…poor slob!! Ha! and Richard…If I know Richard, he and Cyndi are still in Cali in the same place!! Just guessing of coarse! Would love to hear from them too! Sho Shannah and Cherice have always asked about Jesse and Kara! How are they? They have good memories of being the “kids of the Imitators.” They loved the concerts too! It certainly rubbed off on them because all 5 girls sing like birds and th Well, look forward to hearing from you and

      • Sorry my cursor hit the enter tab! to continue..and their harmonies are incredible. Each one writes and plays and sings…all together with Phil we have a family worship team. Well enough for now and Thank-you for start’n it all!
        Would love to catch up!
        With love to you and the fam, Lori

      • Hello Lori, this is Richard…yes the drummer for the Imitators. I loved our band and wish we could do it again. Tell Phil hi and that I think of you guys all the time. Hope to hear from you soon

    • Hey David!!!! What did you do with my vibes!!!!! I want them back…haaaaaaaa
      Good to hear that you are ok…I am too. Drop me a line

      • Hey Richard!!!!! Great to hear from you. I often wonder where and how everyone is doing. Glad to see you are playing and the groove you like.(latin/jazz). I will have to check out the cd. Here is my e-mail: xxxxxxxxxxxx@bellsouth.net. Plus I will check out your . com. I am well and have been back to working full time a Newspaper in Florida. Lets connect and get a phone conversation going soon!

  19. If I were to do something musically again, I’d definitely want to stick with my more natural genre. The style of the day didn’t allow us to get too complex, and the industry didn’t allow us to get too heavy with the music, or too out front with the mix – especially when it comes to lead work. I’d like to see a Christian Jam-band type thing. We believe we can say just as much with our instrumental gifts as we can with our lyrics. Also, I think I’d be more inclined to aim a lot of it at the unsaved, rather than “preaching to the choir.” Today’s Christianity is so much different than what we were experiencing back then. Nowadays, the focus is on some kind of absolute, external standard of morality rather than an inward, personal relationship with Christ. After all, God said, “I will write my laws in their hearts…” I believe this is what God is looking for – obedient believers who believe and obey because the er…Kingdom of Heaven is within them? Ha ha. Some things never change, I guess. I mean, what – we’re supposed to do things because The Book tells us? Well, that’s one kind of obedience, and an acceptable obedience for many, many Christians. I do things that are in the bible, but the reason I do them is because the life of the Living Word provokes me to loving obedience to Christ, who cares for me. Anyone can be moral based on an external source, but as Paul says, “Neither circumcision nor uncircumcision means anything; what counts is a new creation.”

    Oops – in danger of a ramble here…think I’ve said enuf. Oh yeah, one more thing – any of you guys getting a lot of extra email spam since you’ve been posting here? Phil, you owe me email.

    • There is a band just like that called Mute Math – you probably heard of them. They’re pretty big, but there is still plenty of people who’ve not gotten a hold of them. They’re a total jam band, and definitely take time with intricate instrumentation and arrangment – they’re very deep musically and lyrically, but a lot of they’re music doesn’t even need words. They’re Christians but don’t label themselves as a christian band because they didn’t want to limit their fan base to just secular, or just christian. They have a following from both ends. A huge following, but those who are christians and can listen to their message, whatever it may be, they know what the song means initially. I’m sure the non-christians can read into as well. It’s not very subtle, but not incredibly blatent either. They’re played on both secular and christian radio, but are more of a internet band, not so much a radio band. I could never ever really say that I had a favorite band because I liked so many, but today I can honestly say that Mute Math is my favorite band of all time. There really isn’t anything that they’ve put out that I don’t like, and they’re definitely one of those bands that you have to see live at least once before you die! Haha, I’ve seen them twice – they’re crazy. Check out their Electric Fun concert dvd from 2007/2008 it’s an incredible show! They’ve got a lot of 80’s inspiration, which I LOVE but it’s innovative and progressive enough to not be stuck in any particular genre. They kind of create their own genre.

      • Sydney:

        After reading your post, I realized you were talking about Mute Math who has a song on the Twilight movie soundtrack! Wow, at first I didn’t know this was the same band you were referring to… what an interesting coincidence. Thanks for the heads up about them…and you’re right, their genre is unique.

        Take care,
        Christina Jones (scsleonjones@yahoo.com)

    • Hey Barry!!! Its Richard….your drummer. I always had dreams of playing our stuff again since it was really good and I loved it. I now live in New Mexico and am sad to say that Cindy and I divorce back in 2004 (the twin thing). But I am still involved in the music industry with my own record label and released a smooth jazz CD with my partner Bob Gallarza who is a 2 time Grammy winner for his arranging. I completed a Phd and still work a day gig so I am busy.
      Glad to hear most of the band is doing ok…..lets get that band back!!!!!!

      • Hey Richard!! So awesome to hear from you! Phil and I were sorry to hear of your divorce but know sometimes things do work out that way. We would love to correspond and are living now in Texas! we are actively writing worship music with our daughters now and son in laws! To have a whole family worship team has been probably one of the most blessed calls of our lives! We are pastor-ing a House of worship and the whole family is fully engaged! The intensity of worship is become one of the central parts of ministry here along with sanctification of the congregation! Don’t hesitate to contact us! We would love to hear from you!! my email is loxy57@hotmail.com and Shalom my friend! We can’t wait to talk!

  20. Sometimes…I think the band should get together, and play again…Sometimes…I think that we could make it…if we tried again…Cause the Holy Spirit…um…Barry, you finish the words. (To the tune of “Sometimes.”)Ok, Lori thinks it was cute. Sorry…

    • Phil…that is so funny!! but I agree all things are possible with God. Sometimes was always my favorite song that we played. I still listen to it quite often. When things start getting rough in my life I listen to it and it helps put things back into perspective. Sometimes…I think God inspired Barry to write that song just for me. It is so great to read these posts from all of you. I miss all of you and all of you hold a special place in my heart. Love ya guys!!

      • “Sometimes….I think I’m gonna hang myself in the basement….” ha ha.

      • David, what a kind thing to say about that song. I’m so happy it means something special to you.

        I never listen to any of our music – mainly for the way it was mixed. I’m not angry about it. I just feel disappointed when I hear it, because in my head, it sounds completely different. After all these years, I still prefer the version in my head. I was actually able to bring out some of the stuff that got buried in Kingdom of Heaven using a digital studio, but still, it’s not quite right.


    • Hey Phil – Free music is fine with me. Let em download all they want. Wow what a strange picture of us. Email coming soon. I’ve been sick with the worst cold I ever had…ever.

    • Philip:

      You posting that weblink on how to download “Once And For All” made my whole day… made my whole week (kinda having a rough one unfortunately)! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!

      I downloaded it and happily put it on my iTunes as well. I really wish I could have the 1st album as well (and would happily pay for it!)…but for now, I’m content and feel VERY blessed to have your music on my iPod after all these years.

      Again, thanks for letting us know it was available (I did the happy dance around my computer after it was downloaded too! hee hee hee). Take care & God Bless you all always / Christina Jones (scsleonjones@yahoo.com)

      • was greatfull to be able to down load album from website listed sounds great, in fact it sounds better than the copy i made a few years back from the record, one problem though, i can’t get it to transfer to my zune player, it seems to be protected, i can play it on the cpu but would like to take it on the road. please help, oh if you have or haven’t would love to get a copy on disc and yes i would be glad to buy a copy. God bless.

      • If you have not tried this – try to burn the songs to cd (standard audio format), rip them to you computer, then you can add them to the zune player

  22. Lori said I might want to mention that I didn’t do this free stuff on the web, but it has been on the web for some time, being given away. Not sure if this is legal, probably not, but until we can get that straightened out, enjoy the “freedom” while it lasts. Barry, You owe me an email. Talk to you later. Tons o’love and stuff. Philip.

    • Phil – dude – this is our music. We own all our own stuff. One thing we did not do was give our songwriting away after we bought it from Exile. We can give away whatever we want of our stuff. We can sell it if we want too. Right now, I’d just as soon let it go for free. The arrangement we had with our personal manager had nothing to do with giving up our publishing. We own it, dude. Totally.

  23. Ok so I’ll explain the joking, “Sometimes, I think I’m gonna hang myself in the basement…”

    When I started writing that song, it all came to me at once, which hardly ever happens. I was feeling like that, you know? Like nothing was working out, and the melody and words just popped in my head and I sat down and wrote the song. At first I thought, “Wow this is depressing,” but it wasn’t really, because when we feel bad, we can call on God’s Spirit to renew and comfort us. When David (the king, not the Imitator) felt bad, he wrote psalms about it. The band was good with the song, so we recorded it. I didn’t think the song was depressing anymore. I thought it was honest, and a departure from all those songs, you know, “I’m so happy glad to be a Christian because nothing bad ever happens to me,” which is kind of a false impression of real Christianity, in my thinking. I’ll never forget the first time I heard it on KYMS. I was driving in the car and I think I was with David (the Imitator, not the king), and in fact, I think it was the song’s radio debut. So when the song ended, I was satisfied with how it came across, but not the radio guy. He didn’t even let the song fade out completely, but burst in and said, “Wow, somebody needs to pray for that brother.”

    Anyway, for my entire adult life, people have been calling me, Mr. Edge. By people, I mean my friends. I don’t know where the Mister comes from, but since everybody does it, I might as well be it, and at 57 years old, I guess I’ve earned it now.

  24. All, My name is Edward I played and released the single Sometimes with artist Susan Van Dyke back in the late 80’s. It made it to 24 on the Christian Contemporary charts. Susan & I worked with Phil and Barry at Studio 4 in NJ on the recording. I live in Knoxville now but just became curious about the Imitators and if there was new music out there.
    Great memories…not sure Phil or Barry would remember me!

    • Edward, like Barry, of course I remember you. We also did some studio stuff in LA, Calif. if I’m not mistaken. You guys were doing some cover tunes and I did some keyboard for you. I can’t remember the song, but I think it was something from mo-town. What was the name of your producer? he was working with us towards the end of our stint in NJ and was trying to get us a deal on Mo-Town records, but that fell through. He seemed like a very matter of fact kind of fellow. I liked enough, but he seemed rather impatient with us. So, have you heard from Susan or are you guys still together? Are you guys still doing music and if so, how is it going? WOW, so many questions. Anyway, write back. Love to hear from old friends and aquaintences.(sp) God bless you. Philip

  25. Hi Edward. Of course I remember you and Susan. You guys did one of Phil’s songs, Give You All My Love, I think. Anyway you guys seemed like great people and I’m sorry we didn’t get to know each other better. It’s very kind for you to remember us and take the time to post here. Health & blessings, my friend.

  26. Edward, one more thing – I really appreciate your recording my song. It’s an honor and I’m glad it did well for you.

  27. Just wanted to say hello to Barry. I don’t know if you remember me from Wes Smith’s church in Lake Worth back in the 70’s. You taught me how to play the Guitar so I could play in church on Sunday’s. I found it a joy to reconnect with David Price about a year and a half ago through facebook. About 3 years ago we had a Lake Worth chruch reunion in Warsaw IN. I saw Linda there plus alot of the old gang. And Wes was there with his family. I have keep in touch with alot of the gang. We wondered about you and where you were now. David told me about this site and it is good to hear about how you have been. I have great memories of the Florida days and loved my involvement with David Price in the band “New Covenant”. God Bless.

  28. Hi Kathie. Wow it’s hard enough remembering back to 1983. I must have known you in the mid-70’s. There are many times I wish I could go back in time for a visit. Thanks for the news update. Why not drop me a line by email? I’d love to catch up. My address is my name, barry edge at aol dot com. Thanks so much for writing.

  29. I know what you mean about remembering…I just recently spent a week in Fl and had a wonderful visit with David. We took a trip to the Lake Worth beach and shared alot of memories. I took some pic’s and I will send them to you through your e-mail. Also some pic’s of the reunion we had in Indiana. You may remember some of the old gang. God Bless.


    How many times have you heard that one? It sounds good, but is it really possible, or is it just another excuse for Christian judgmentalism? I tend to go with the latter. Especially when it comes to the unsaved, sin is what defines them in the eyes of the church. Then, when a brother loses his way, well, I’ve heard enough gossip and backbiting to fill an ocean of anger and bitterness – all in the name of “Love the sinner, hate the sin.” On many occasions, I’ve heard this message as the subject of sermons. This is all based on the bible telling us that God hates sin, so I understand its origins, but somehow, I think we’re missing the point. Hating the sin in others is an easy thing to do – too easy, in fact, especially since we haven’t really learned to hate the sin in ourselves. It’s the old log-and-speck switcheroo. “Come here, brother, and let me get that speck out of your eye. It’s damaging you, and it’s ugly.” We forget about the log in our own eye, perhaps the size of a tree – maybe a forest of trees. I’ve found that the closer I am to my Lord, the less I tend to see sin in others. In fact, I find more reason to love them. When I say, “Close to the Lord,” I mean not only attending church and reading the bible, but developing a closeness through constant prayer and meditation on God’s word. Whenever I catch myself thinking a judgmental thought, it now provokes me to examine my immediate relationship with Christ, and make adjustments, starting with repentance. It’s also good to remember that judgmentalism is never born of humility, but comes from a sense of spiritual superiority. So let us consider each more worthy than ourselves, for he who humbles himself will be exalted, but he who exalts himself will be abased. This doesn’t mean exalting ourselves as though we were kings, or God’s great gift to the church – no, it just means we consider ourselves in a place of higher spirituality, or of purer morality than that of others. We live in treacherous times – times that require us to return to our first love, back when we hated most of all our own sin. May the Holy Spirit fall on us, and spur repentance and a new humbling of ourselves before Christ, that the spirit of humility may spread through the Church, and spill into the world.

    • Hey Barry..A great oop to communicate with ya my long time friend in Christ. I am going to keep this short. After all…Life is short. I just want to say to you I love you after all these years and miss the good times we had together. The Imitators and just going way back before that. I just try to keep it all simple in the mist of the stress of life…I can only say…that I give each day to Jesus…God is it and that is it. I do not get in to all the BS of it all ..That is why John 3:16 is still my favorite script. Anyway my long time friend. I am still a picking and got a few concert Christian dates lined up… I hope you do not mind if I sing a couple of Imitators songs… I will give you credits… Love you always Barry….

  31. David,

    Had it not been for you, I never would have written any of those songs, so please do whatever you wish with them.It really touched me, what you said about “Sometimes.” As you said, life is short, and for me, probably shorter than most, so it’s a blessing to know someone is keeping it going, and remembering this very small thing I did so many years ago. Drop me a line when you get a chance.I’ve had the same email for 15 yrs. Are you playing with a band or going solo? Love you back, bro.

  32. I was wondering if you would know of the song that has mysteriously disappeared. I don’t remember the title. I only have some of the lyrics running around in my head for the last few years. and you know how that can be, you can’t get it out unless you hear it again. Usually that ends up being the lord wanting me to hear something for a reason. So I was wondering if you might be able to help me. My dad doesn’t remember neither my mom and I haven’t been able to reach Dave.
    The lyrics I have are ” They killed the preachers and they took away the teachers from our sight. It’s alright. yes we’ve had to barter with our lives to stay alive. Were living in the under ground. We live and breathe without a sound. But the Lord is moving in a most unusual way….Its okay.
    Well this is pretty much all that I can remember. but it just keeps going around and around in my head.
    Do you know what song this is?
    And yes I have been a big fan of your guys’ music since I first got to See you live in Costa Mesa. We use to have all of your songs and I think the one I am trying to remember is one you guys never recorded. Whatever the case may be I have to find a copy of it! It is killing me trying to remember the whole song.

    • In fact, if between the other guys and myself, we can remember that song, I’ll re-record it and make it available for download.

      BTW, yeah that’s me on Facebook, but I don’t use my account for social networking. I only use it to access Facebook sites of news organizations, etc.

  33. Hi, Barry here. Thanks so much for writing. I wrote the song you’re referenced and all I can say is you’ve got a great memory, because that’s a song we never recorded. The song was called, “Living In The Underground.” Our producer thought it was “over the top,” something we were regularly accused of – actually making songs out of theology. This song, however, was based on a dream I had – which is odd, because pieces of that dream ended up in Leonard Cohen’s song, “The Future.” Perhaps common themes run through apocalyptic dreams. In any case, God bless you for remembering us, for remembering our song, and for sharing the impression it made on you. That definitely made an impression on me. Now, I want to remember the whole thing. If I do, I’ll post it as a response to you.

    May you be aware of God’s presence this day

    Barry Edge

  34. Hey Guys. I loveed your music as I grew up in the 80s. I found this site: http://flipsidemn.blogspot.com/search/label/Imitators%20-%20once%20and%20for%20all, which has all your music on MP3. Just thought that would interest ya’ll

  35. Okay I remember most of the lyrics now.
    I only really remember this son also because when I first heard it I was sleeping on a couch at some of my parents friends house in southern California. I remember this very disturbing dream very vividly and when I woke up this song was playing on a cassette player. My parents then took the cassette which contained a copy of all of the current songs form The Imitators and we were listening to it all the way home. But from what I recall the song went something like this…(can’t really replicate the beat very well in simple text, unfortunately but still)..

    When we escaped the world we packed our things and fled into the night. It’s alright. They killed the preachers and they took away the teachers from our sight. It’s alright. Chorus: Were living in the underground. We live and breathe without a sound. But the Lord is moving in a most unusual way. It’s okay. There is no time to argue doctrine when were trying to survive and stay alive. (I can’t recall the phrase here. Something about martyrs.) and yes we’ve had to barter with our lives to stay alive. Repeat Chorus:Were living in the underground we live and breathe without a sound. But the Lord is moving in a most unusual way. It’s okay….bridge: Were living in the underground. We live and breathe without a sound but the Lord is moving in a most unusual way.

    Let me know Please.

  36. Donny and Barry,
    I remember the song you two are talking about. I use to love playing it and thought it was one of the better songs Barry had written and I loved that sound we had then. Anyway, As I was reading your comments, I remembered we had recorded it on a Demo tape, we were using at the time. I believe I may have a copy of it stored away. I will look for it and let you know if I come up with it. God bless!!!

  37. Dave;
    if you do happen to find a copy you can email me at dfraser3@live.com.
    Thank you

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