Triumph (Scottish Band)

May 25, 2006

Triumph 2.jpgFor too long, Christian music from North of the border has been neglected. Under the Ears and Eyes music label brings you one of Scotland's most popular Christian bands. The band consist of 5 lads namely Jim Ritchie – lead vocals, bass guitar ; Gordon Cowan – keyboards ; Steve Nelson – guitars ; Andi Toth – drums and Tony Gorman on Saxophone. A sound that closely resembles Spandau Ballet or Breathe in some of the tracks on it's debut album called "Don't Look Back. Triumph has become an instant favourite of the Greenbelt Fringe festival. Triumph has a unique sound in British Christian music, combining searching and intelligent lyrics with a powerful beat.

Similar artist : Aztec Camera

Audio Sample : 90 seconds



  1. I am a true triumph fan. I loved the band and still to this love their music. Triumph can do Spandau Ballet sounds but also really rock with U2 sounds and a great likeness to Bon Jovi. Powerful rock singer Jim Ritchie(who was often mistaken for Simon Le Bon) is one of a kind, a voice that defeats time.They don’t make music like this these days.

  2. Hey Triumph Fan,

    Yeah, Triumph is a really good band. They could do different kind of style of music and just get away with it. Didn’t they have an official website? I can’t find it in the net. It would be appreciated if you could post the site here just in case you know.

    Tnx Bro!

  3. […] incarnation of the band. Remarkably there are elements of the 1980s Scottish Christian rock band Triumph in there […]

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