Andy McCaroll and Moral Support

June 2, 2006

andy mccaroll.jpg

Coming out of Northern Ireland, Andy McCaroll and Moral Support made a little splash with a new-wave Christian album in 1980. Well ahead of it's time, Zionic Bonds draws on such influences as The Police and The Clash to present a sound that is both melodic and raw. "living a lie" is about prejudice, drawing specific inspiration form religious strife in the artist's homeland. "How the Kids Are Feeling" is a driving song about the confusion of adolenscence, made more complicated by having "parents who need Jesus." Other topics include abortion ("I Am Human" – sung from the perspective of a fetus) and the hope for world peace ("20th century").

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  1. I would like to add that to me, this album reminds me a lot of what Fischer-Z sounded like.

    But MAN, wouldn’t it be great if one day these guys would get together again?

  2. Right, seems like i have skipped a lot of stuff that i wanted to say.
    What i meant to say is: “this album reminds me a lot of some other band which name i can’t remember right now. But the tracks “To Know You” and “In Control” remind me of what Fischer-Z sounded like”

    Quite a different meaning as compared to what i originally posted ;-)

  3. I would say this album (pictured) was of true early Christian punk. Fav song was ‘Sin’ “Sin, will not control me…”

  4. This was an amazing album and I’m very thankful it was reissued in CD.

  5. I loved this album! It is big news to me that it has been reissued on CD – I will have to try and track it down. I remember thinking that it’s production and sound was as good as anything about at the time and the album was played over and over. I saw Moral Support play the Greenbelt Festival and remember them playing God is In Control and the whole crowd singing along.

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