Mad At The World

June 6, 2006

mad at the world 21.jpg

Mad At The World was formed in 1987 in Southern California by brothers Roger and Randy Rose.

Few Christian bands have enjoyed the longevity and underground critical acclaim as Mad at the World. From the day mailman and lead singer Roger Rose stuck a tape in a record company executive's mailbox until current times, Mad at the World has turned heads with their provocative music.

The first two albums featured a synth/pop style of music. Then, in order to have a sound more amiable for live performances, the band's musical style shifted to hard rock for the next three albums. The last two albums brought some member changes and a more retro sounding style of music.

Lyrically, the band delves into the many struggles we face in life and reminds us of our hope in our Saviour, Jesus Christ. Issues dealt with in the songs include drugs, anger, hopelessness, and lost loves — as well as hope, love, peace, forgiveness, blessed relationships, and eternal life.

Similar artist : The Cult 


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  1. Musical chameleons. I loved these guys. Pretty straight forward lyrically. Every genre they touched, they transcended. Only album I didn’t really get into was “Through the Forest.”

  2. I loved MATW. Still dig them. I talked to Randy on myspace. Highlight of my year. I didnt really like them after boomerang, although I did dig early Rose. Great music. That debut still gets played on my mp3 player.

  3. this band rocks – pitty they aren’t still around !!!

  4. actually the one n the middle is my dad (Randy Rose). I could even prove it. And i am 8 years old. And the first one is my uncle (Roger Rose). I will even say my dads hole name: Randy Lawrence Rose. So they are still around.

  5. When I purchased the debut from Mad At The World I was blown away and finally relieved that there was another very good synth based new wave Christian band out besides Quick Flights (Decent Beat) from years earlier. The Flowers In The Rain in 1988 mixed more guitars as well as keeping a lot of the synth sound I like and became two of my favorite albums for the 80’s.

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