Common Bond

June 9, 2006


If you loved the youthful, unharnessed energy of the Lifesaver's "US Kids", Andy McCarroll and Moral Suport, Ishmael United and Rev. Counta and the Speedoze, then Common Bond's "Heaven is Calling" will spend a good deal on your cd player.

This is one of those albums where you never know what the band will do next. They have a "live sound, thanks to Doug Doyle's production, and they could be compared to Youth Choir meets The Blasters.

The energy is sure there! This group is truly a diamond in the rough. But that's good to hear – with all the polished slick bands out there, Common Bond's frantic, almost hysterical music, is a welcome change.

Ken Samuel's lead vocals sound like they were done in one take. Steve Durham's electric guitar seems to be all over the place.

One of the most noted songs is "Yshua" with it's unusual what-sounds-like 17 guitars all buzzing at each other while Ken wails along. In between all these musical "hi-junks" are snappy lyrics, mostly in the first person ("I love you God") or speaking to the listener ("He's the Life for you").

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  1. & don’t forget the amazing chuck cummings on drums. he went on to lsu/lifesavers, etc.

  2. I just got this for the first time off of lala.com.

  3. I saw these guys play in Sacremento ata park. They were so doing there own thing. Chuck was brilliant, Steve’s guitar work superb, all tied togther with Ken’s moody/high energy vocals. As good as U2. How can I get the albums?

    Check out some mainstream, indie, and classic at http://www.frxdomradio.com

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