The Technos

June 9, 2006


The Technos are a British band. Their album "Foreign Land", contains songs from the last 2 to 3 years, including 3 songs released as singles and two remakes from previous albums.

Only Three songs are really new : "Crying in the Rain," a very nice ballad, "Clowns on the Ground," a pop-rocker with interesting lyrics, and "Slowboat to China," the album's weakest cut.

"Lunatic Rebublic" originally appeared on the Casualtease Album, but here it is more melodic, less electronic than the original. "Falling in Love" is much better here than the original on Technostalgia. It's a lot more fun and high-spirited and it features – get this – a great clarinet solo which comes out of nowhere.

Best is the title cut, which could be a great dance hit. "Nightime Heaven" is a close second.

Musically, The Technos could be compared with the Thompson Twins of Human league because of the danceable synth-pop and the sharing of Male/female lead vocals.

The lyrics run the gamut from fluff ("Nightime Heaven") to philosophical and artistic statement ("Lunatic Rebublic" and "Spirit of the Thing"). The Christian allusions ae there, although not too prominent.

similar artist : Human League

Fairne-Technos online site

Audio Sample : 90 seconds



  1. Did The Technos have a song that went something like “we’ve come a long way through the storm, babe it’s your love that keeps me warm”?

    It’s been at least 15 or 20 years since I’ve heard it and would like to somehow find a copy of that song. My guess is that it was by The Technos.

    Am I correct, or was it a different Christian new wave band?

  2. Yep, thats the same band. The name of the song is Foreign land. : )

  3. Next question: is a CD/MP3 of it available to buy anywhere?

  4. If you’re looking just for the “Foreign Land” song. It was part of a compilation that was released in the 90’s. The album was called “New wave diary” and includes a bunch of different new wave bands . . . I’m actually looking for the complete album as well — “songs for the nervous world” released under Refuge records which is a bit pricey on E-bay. Just a note, “Foreign Land” is not on that album. I think it was only released as a single.

    If it’s any consolation. Found the lyrics to “Foreign Land” in the internet. : )

    You make me strong, while we’ve been living through the night
    We must be strong… because we’ve been fighting in a foreign fight
    You got to listen the teacher. You got to listen to the preacher
    And keep me strong… because we’ve been living… living in a foreign land

    Now, are we strangers… living face to face?
    So blind to danger, while we’ve been living in the state of grace
    You got to listen the teacher. You got to listen to the preacher
    Say it loud (say it loud)… because we’ve been living… living in a foreign land

    You come along way through the storm
    Babe, it’s your love that keeps me warm
    Through the clouds and pouring rain
    Babe, it’s your love that soothes the pain

    You come along way through the storm
    Babe, it’s your love that keeps me warm
    Through the clouds and pouring rain
    Babe, it’s your love that soothes the pain

    Strangers living blind… stranger!
    Strangers living blind… stranger!

    You come along way through the storm
    Babe, it’s your love that keeps me warm
    Through the clouds and pouring rain
    Babe, it’s your love that soothes the pain…

  5. Good News!!! Check this site out : http://membres.lycos.fr/fairnie/technohistory.htm — Downloadable songs for some Technos songs and Fairne’s other bands. Click on the main menu and look for the download button : )

  6. Another site which has a short bio of Steve Fairne which is worth reading. I did’t know that he passed away but what a legacy he left behind. Even U2’s Bono sites him as an inspiration.


    His band Fish Co. was also part of the Jesus music movement — inspiring article about how a son of a preacher kid made a great impact on music. R.I.P. Steve Fairne!

  7. Great links. Thanks for the info.

  8. Yep I loved Foreign land as well. Not sure where i got it from but i managed to download it a few years ago. I remember in 1983 they used to play it quite a lot on an English local radio station called radio jackie. Apart from bev sage appearing on modern romance’s Queen of the rapping Scene I haven’t heard anything else by them . However if any of it is as good as foreign land then i would. Nochance of getting anything on CD I spose.

  9. The Technos album called “songs for the nervous world” is a good album. There are a couple of good songs in there. The CD comes out often on Ebay often so do check it out. Also, there are a couple of free music download on their site.

  10. I have the Songs for the Nervous World CD for sale if anyone is interested. I also have a good deal of the Technos album/12″ singles. Earlier in this post it is mentioned that Foreign Land was only a single. This is partly incorrect. It was a single in 1983 or so, but was eventually re-recorded (somewhat) and released on the Foreign Land album in 1985. I managed to find a copy of this rare jewel in a record shop in Santa Monica California (about 10 years ago). Unfortunately, some of the tracks are worn/scratched (particularly Foreign Land – I guess the previous owner just played it out). In any event, it would be lovely if PRT/Virgin would re-release these songs – The Technos is/was a phenomenal act from the beautiful new wave era! If anyone is interested, I am willing to sell my entire collection which consists of the Foreign Land (LP Vinyl – 10 tracks – all of FL caliper); original 1983 12″ of Foreign Land; 1985 12″ of Foreign Land; Falling in Love (12″); Spirit of the Thing (12″); Nighttime Heaven (12″); Foreign Land 1983 7″; and as mentioned the Songs for the Nervous World CD! I have all of it transferred to disc and now even on my iPod tracked with cover art and all!

    • If these are still for sale you can email me at

      just remove the X’s…

  11. Wow this thread is old! But I’ve just been listening to Foreign Land,there are free downloads on Steve Farnie.net!Great stuff!
    Btw there is a new kids chorus which has the lines:
    And the boy’s don’t know
    And the girls don’t know
    I’m sure it’s been inspiered by Holiday Romance!

  12. I just bought the vinyl 12″ of “Foreign Land” at a record store today (love dollar bins) and I’m home listening to it right now and dig it! I had never heard of the Technos before.

  13. Good nice thanks

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