Blessed Rain

June 10, 2006

A record company flyer cites REM, Van Morrison, U2 and Bob Dylan as the bands influences whilst reviewers along the way have brought in comparisons to Hothouse flowers, Deacon Blue, Beautiful South and country artist like Lucinda Williams and Rosanne Cash. I certainly found a big country influence, especially in songs like "Someone Like Me" and "Boots On", also just a hint of blues and the odd tip of the hat to old mates Eden Burning. Chris Sands (guitar/Mandolin) added his own comments.

"We always fall down on this influences question," he said "The obvious thing people always compare us to are bands like Deacon Blue and REM. Laterly we've been compared to Primal Scream, which is quite unusual, but it probably fits withe the newer stuff. The influences are quite big and quite varied, Van Morrison's the one that we all agree on 'Lilac Fields' especially. We're all big fan of his. Some of us like country a bit and some of us like U2 as well. We are influenced more by American bands than British bands.

Similar artist: The Beautiful South

Audio Sample : 90 seconds


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