The Echoing Green

June 10, 2006


The Echoing Green has been one of Christian music's primary techno groups. The band is masterminded by Alburquerque, New Mexico, dance sage Joey Belville, who refers to the group's style as "aggresive smile-pop." It was officialy started in 1992 by Belville and friend Aaron Bowman while both were in College. On early albums, The Echoing Green was simply a one man band with various musician working under Belville's direction, but he has told Bandoppler that around 1998 he bonded with three of his touring musicians such that they became "an actual band." Belville proudly lists Duran Duran as his biggest influence and says that he strives to write songs that, though computer driven, would stand on their own apart from all the blips and bleeps for which techno music is famous.

Similar artist : Anything Box


Audio Sample : 90 seconds


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