David Edwards

June 16, 2006

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David Edwards was one of Christian music’s first new-wave artist, arriving on the scene at a time when the overly commercial and contrived genre of contemporary Christian music needed an infusion of new life. With strong pop sensibilities and roots in Christian music that go back to the early Jesus movement revival, Edwards was nevertheless a bit too counter-cultural for the industry to market succesfully. He would come to be best remembered for pioneering a style that was a subsequently developed by bigger stars like Steve Taylor and Sheila Walsh – both of whom have named his as a prominent influence.

In 1980, Edwards reentered the world of Christian music with a sound and an attitude incongruent with industry expectation. Nevertheless, his three 80’s projects were issued on Myrrh and Light, two labels that were not particularly famous for experimental ventures. The self titled debut album brought hyperbolic responsed from critics, who were somewhat desperate for someone to brak out of the fomulaic doldrums into which Christian music had settled. CCM began their review of David Edwards by saying “David Edwards’ first album is some of the best rock ever recorded for any market-Christian or secular. It is also the best album ever produced by Buddy King.” Cornerstone called it “an album that will please everyone from new-wave fans to children of the 60’s.”

Similar artist :Elvis Costello


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  1. The audio sample above is a dead link.

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