No laughing matter

June 26, 2006


Scott Roman produced a self independent realease in 1989 called “Carved In Grey Matter” under the label of Holy Roman Music. The album consisted of 9 tracks of dark and emotional filled music which tackled the topics of pain, global warming, The anti-christ and hope. two tracks namely “The Defiled Sanctuary” and “On Anothers ‘ Sorrow” was taken from William Blakes’ literary masterpieces and put to music by Scott Roman. It also included an un-polished version of “I Can See It Coming” which was also re-released by REX records in 1990 called Monstor under the name of No Laughing Matter consisting of Scott Roman (vocals), Ted Worthless (guitar), Rod glaze (bass), David A. Blomgren (drums) and Jim Hastings (sound)

Scott Roman :

“I can remember playing at churches and after the show they’d come up and say, ‘You guys are evil,’” Roman says. “We were kind of a cross between U2 and Bauhaus, musically, and it wasn’t perceived well in churches. The kids would love it. It just took a while for people to realize that where we were coming from was not what they thought.”

Similar artist: Bauhaus


Audio Sample : 90 seconds


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  1. NLM RULES!!!!!!!!!

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