The Call

June 26, 2006


US band the Call’s big, echoed rockers prompted comparisons with U2 from the very outset of their career. A californian-based quartet, the songs written by vocalist Michael Been recalled the passion and mellodrama of Boy-era u2 an impression compounded by the group’s spiritual inclinations. Their 1986 debut was given over to rather self-satisfied Christian mysticism, but occasionaly they struck the right note with more classy and less pretentious numbers – the best example being the hit single “Everywhere I go”, Let the Day Begin produced another memorable single in the title track, as the Call moved over to Mercury records. Band Moon emerged as pressure mounted on Been to produce another “Let The Day Begin”. Despite this, it was a rewarding set finding a more natural studio context to copmplement vocals that were always in danger of ill-advised grandeur. Again, the title cut was a stand-out track, though this was ably backed up by a rash of bold songwriting ventures including “What’s Happened To You” and the evocative “This is Your Life”. A subsequent compilation covering the band’s Mercury years was compiled by Been and titled after the group’s first breakthrough hit, “Walls Come Tumbling Down”. However, the Call’s long-term fate was, as one reviewer suggested to be “too politically tuff to be the Police, too strident to be the Cars, and too late to be the Clash”.

Michael Been :


Well, I try to write about my own life experiences, and I’m a Christian myself, so I write from that point of view. Although it wouldn’t be the type of Christianity commonly practiced these days. I believe it’s a vain presumption to think that all people in the world should believe what I believe or that it would necessarily be right for them. I only know that it’s right for me. I’m not interested in selling religion; Christianity or otherwise.

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