The Ocean Blue

July 6, 2006


The Ocean Blue (their name influenced by the famous poem ‘In 1492, Columbus Sailed The Ocean Blue’), first met in junior high and cut a series of demos while in high school, with friend Scott Stouffer sitting in on drums. They managed to get two of their earliest recordings, ‘On Growing Up’ and ‘Wounds Of A Friend’, included on Lancaster’s local Christian Radio Station WJTL’s ‘Preliminary Hearing’ cassette compilation in late 1986. The compilation also included very early work from friends and mentors of The Ocean Blue, noted local artists and alternative rock legends, The Innocence Mission. Another school friend Rob Minnig, would join as permanent drummer in 1987, and the ‘classic’ line-up of ‘Schelzel/Lau/Minnig/Mittan’ would continue into through 1994.

The Ocean Blue, formed in Hershey, Pennsylvania in 1986, is a band that combines synthesizer-based New Wave hooks with “bluesy” saxophone solos and high tinsel guitars to produce a truly unique sound. Its core-original members included David Schelzel on lead vocals/guitar, Steve Lau on keyboards/saxophone, Bobby Mittan on bass guitar and Rob Minnig on drums and vocals.

Its current line-up includes David Schelzel on lead vocals/guitar, Oed Ronne on keyboards/guitar/vocals, Bobby Mittan on bass guitar and Peter Anderson (musician) on drums.

The band’s sound may be best described as that of ‘Modern Rock’, a genre that filled the musical gap between new wave and grunge. The band also proudly wore their New Wave influences such as The Cure, Echo & The Bunnymen, U2, REM, New Order and The Smiths, on their sleeves. The Ocean Blue’s earliest shows always consisted of a healthy dose of covers by these aforementioned bands. To this day, Billy Idol and New Order covers still punctuate concert encores.

Similar artist : The Smiths


Audio Sample : 90 seconds



  1. Great band. Should have been a lot bigger than they were. “Listen, It’s Gone” and “Ballerina Out of Control” are classics in my book. Actually, the whole Cerulean CD is a classic.

  2. that first record is so grat. this is the office of the busy man…..

  3. There should be far more discussion about these guys. I’m starting a revolution.

    What’s your fav album?
    Fav song?

    For me, fav album overall is Cerulean; fav song is “Listen, It’s Gone” from Beneath the Rhythm and Sound.

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