July 28, 2006

barnabas.jpg When Barnabas debut album on Tunesmith, Hear the Light, was released early last winter, everyone got curious. Who were these bizarre looking people in this rock n rolling mystery band? They didn’t even put their names on the album, and those strange punk-like clothes, what was a Midwestern boy to think. One thing was very clear though, in the midst of their high energy music, they were declaring the Lordship of Jesus Christ. The song titles were blatant in their intent: Savior, He Loves You, and Playin For Him captured the core of their message.

At the time of this interview, Barnabas was no longer a mystery. Nancy and Gary Mann (husband and wife) are the vocalist and bassist, respectively, They both play synthesizer, The drummer is Kris Klingensmith, Esquire (the Esquire is optional). The guitarist that they recorded the album with had since left the band (his first name was Monte, I never learned his last name). Mick Donner had joined Barnabas as the new guitarist just three weeks before I met them. Donner is from Des Moines, Iowa, where the band had just relocated. He has played the local coffeehouse circuit in a small time band called Shiloh.

Barnabas’ interview snippet

Pacer: People have described your music as new wave, punk, and other things. How would you describe your music?

Mick: And other things.

Kris: And other things (laughs).

Nancy: And other things (much laughter).

Kris: You’ve got to remember that we were born and raised musically in Los Angeles. We weren’t trying to do anything, as much as we were a product of our environment. Everybody doing the L.A. rock band thing looks like we look, or a little weirder. On the album we just played high energy rock n’ roll. It”s heavy metal.

Pacer: How is the new Barnabas album different from the first album?

Kris: A lot of what we did on the first album sounded the same. You know, thump, thump, thump. I’m really pleased with the stuff Gary’s been writing because it’s drifting away from the simpler music. We�re doing a lot of more intricate things.

Quincy Smith-Newcomb

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  1. One of my favorite bands of all time. Cooley was Montes last name if anyone cares. I’m sure he and his mother care at least. Not sure if Barnabas belongs in this website however, they sound nothing like most of the bands listed. I would call them more Metal/ hard rock than New Wave. Anyways, they are all amazing albums and I wish I could go back in time and see them in concert somewhere. Maybe they’ll reunite for a show in Heaven after the big day. Nancy Jo, Gary, Kris how about it. May I request Directory Assistance, one of the best songs ever recorded.

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