Code of Ethics

August 20, 2006


Barry Blaze is Code of Ethics. As he’ll tell you, musically speaking he’s a proverbial jack-of-all-trades. Modesty notwithstanding. Blaze wrote the music and lyrics, sang vocals and played every instrument on the Forefront release Arms Around The World.

It’s not that he’s a control freak or anything. His reason for taking on all the responsibility is a simple one. “On my first two demo tapes I didn’t know any other Christian musicians so I ended up dabbling in a little bit of everything musically.”

No matter how talented he is, there is no way he can play all those instruments in his concerts. So how does a one-man-band perform live in front of an audience of a thousand screaming teenagers? “I’ve recruited Rick Brainer on the drums, Scott Chapman on the keyboards and Jeff Anderson on bass to tour as Code of Ethics.” he says “Initially I just wanted to make records and enjoy the liberty of working alone. I didn’t have to wait on anyone to show up for practice or deal with internal band conflicts or ego trips.”

Blaze, not at all reluctant to admit that he would like to see his music filter into dance clubs, mentions that eventually he will assault the secular market with his brand of Euro-pop music. But for now, Blaze prefers to stick with upgrading Code of Ethics ‘Live performances, an on stage production so colossal and energetic that it’s sometimes enough to prompt the singer to run away . . . and into the hands of his fans where they pass him overhead through the crowd.

Similar artist : New Order


Audio Sample : 90 seconds



  1. wasn’t Ian Esklin Code of Ethics?

  2. Ian was in Code of Ethics for like 2 days it seems. He only showed up as a member when that Mix EP came out on R.E.X. He did contribute to a song on Arms Around the World. I think the song was “Take Control.”

  3. Got to buy that first album “Visual paradox”
    Don´t care much for the later efforts.

  4. Try and find “Lost in Egypt” which was an indie release of theirs back in the mid 80’s. This was a lot more Depeche Mode sounding.

  5. I have some alternate cassette version of Visual Paradox on it that has a song that did not appear on the R.E.X. or the Forefront versions. The song is called “Refracted Light”. It looks like “Greater Love” took its place or something. The whole cassette sounds a lot different production wise, actually. I might try and transfer “Refracted Light” from cassette to CD, import it into iTunes, create a mediafire link for it, and post it here sometime. I can see why it didn’t make the official version as it’s not particularly catchy like the other songs, but worth hearing for the completist I suppose.

  6. Check out Barry Blaze with his new album called “Patiently Waiting”. Pretty awesome Praise & Worship Dance tunes. Support the artist and spread God’s grace like wildfire!


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