Isle of Man

August 20, 2006


Isle of Man is a four piece group consisting of Robere Parlez (Vox), Raun (guitars), Jamie Roberto (bass) and Ronnie Lee Sage (drums). The self titled album produced under the Pasha/Spencer Proffer group consisted of 10 illustrious tracks which was never given the rightful distinction it deserved. Songs like “Am I forgiven” distinctly blends with the backing vocals of The Jimmy Whitney and the Bible Dreams Gospel on a backdrop of rhythmic strums. It addresses the listener to rely on God even when one becomes unfaithful and conveys that God is always there no matter what. The song “Only the Brave” starts off with an excerpt of the “Amazing Grace” hymnal and gradually builds up with marching drums and whistles to form a mental picture of troops striding into battle. The song ends with “I have learned to face anger with soft spoken words . . . God only knows how hard I fight inside”, to realize that the battle lies not against flesh and blood but on a spiritual and deeper level.

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  1. I have been exhaustively searching for a copy of the single “Am I Forgiven” by Isle of Man for years. I had the album on cassette and lost it during a move. Is there any way of getting this song on cd or download?????

  2. Ephriam,

    I’ve seen a couple of Isle of Man albums being sold in E-bay. That would be your best bet to get a copy. : )

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