Spy Glass Blue

August 20, 2006


Allan Aguirre is best known as the front act man for the punk band Scaterd Few. He formed Spy Glass Blue as a side project, to serve as his “mellower, artistic outlet” and to function as more of a ministry band. The group became his main focus for a bried interim (1995-1998) during which Scatered Few was defunct. Shadows shows strong influence of general market artists like Bauhaus and Peter Murphy and so was immediately identified as a rare example of Christian goth music. Aquirre objects ot the categorization but admits that “a lot of goths were into Scatered Few’ and that he “welcomes hte audienc.” The opening track, “Thin and Leaner,” displays some of the punk style of Aguirre’s main band, but the rest of the album consists of dark, haunting, moddy tunes that might recall The Cure on a bad day. Aguirre sometimes mimics David Bowie’s vocals (e.g., on “Sultry Places,” “On and On”). “Iron Gray” has an unusaully pop sound, as though it might been intented for radio. Thematically, the album seems to deal with the confusion of life without Christ. “Lodging” appears to liken salvation to coming in out of the cold.

Similar artist : Peter Murphy


Audio Sample : 90 seconds


One comment

  1. had this when it came out and me and my buddy still quote this record. Allan made me realize reggae is great music…

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