The Adventures

August 20, 2006


There is one enthralling moment in the Adventures’ self-titled debut: During “Send My Heart” a choir unexpectedly engulfs the swell of swirling guitars, evoking a sense of wonder that can cause goose bumps. “Send My Heart” is dazzling; its lyrics break the heart while the music sparkles like Christmas lights. While the other tracks on The Adventures may not duplicate the song’s breathtaking surge of emotion, the LP is a striking debut. “Two Rivers” is a soaring love song with toe-tapping percussion and shimmering riffs. Although the 12″ mix of “Two Rivers” is preferable, the shorter running length doesn’t taint its beauty. Even when a few of the tracks lack a hook or two, the stirring, crystalline vocals of Terry Sharpe are mesmerizing. Like U2, the Adventures write songs that are ultimately uplifting; even when there is sadness, the lyrics speak of hope. The group is also spiritual; religious references appear in “Always” and “When the World Turns Upside Down.” In the latter, the Adventures warn listeners about the devil. If that sounds cheesy, then stay away. Nevertheless, they aren’t a Christian band; the band is too preoccupied by love to find time for preaching. The Adventures is highly recommended to hopeless romantics with a hankering for ringing guitars and dulcet melodies.

Michael Sutton, All Music Guide

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