September 17, 2006


Mercy was a fairly hard rocking band with an alternative edge fronted by Lorraine Lewis who had previously led the general market Femme Fatale. The latter act was a metal band that capitalized on the image of being an all-male group with a “sex-bom” female singer. They made one album that enjoyed a fair share of MTV success and then the group broke up mainly because Lewis wanted to pursue a more blues-oriented rootsy sound. Lewis, who was raised Roman Catholic, was drawn into a more personal conncection with God through her manager, a woman who testified to receiving miraculous healing of brain cancer. “I turned my life over to the Lord on March 7, 1991,” Lewis told HM magazine, and soon after that she met and married Eric Levy, who was in a punk band called Black-eyed Susan. The two formed Mercy and released a single album on the Broken label. Standout trackes include “P.L.F.,” an acoustic ode to peace, love and faith and the harder rocking “Mother’s lullaby,” written bby Lewis as an emphatetic expression of Levy’s late mother affection for her son. True Tunes compared the group to the latter-day (nonacoustic) Acoustic Shack.

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