Brave New World

September 24, 2006


Musicians Brian Unger, Charlie Wollborg and Lars Hausman released two albums as synth-pop outfit Brave New World in the late 90’s. The band was signed to A Different Drum, the indie label whose roster also includes veteran Christian synth-poppers The Echoing Green and Paradigm/Monolithic and British electro-flavored trio The Nine, among other artists.

The trio’s debut album, Understand, fused the danceable, Brit-pop sound popularized by Depeche Mode, Tears For Fears and early Mad At The World combined with overtly spiritual lyrics. “Nothing (Without You I’m Nothing Mix)” is an uptempo, worship number, the midtempo “Freedom (Fifth Amendment Mix)” points out that true freedom is found through accepting Jesus as one’s Lord and Savior, not the relativist and hedonist philosophies of the world and “Winter Song (Primal Mix)” is a more secular number about the breakup of a romantic relatonship shortly after Christmas. “Ocean Blue (Pirate Mix)”, meanwhile, is an ethereal trance instrumental with a calm, relaxing vibe.

The band incorporated more organic sounds on its sophomore album, Groove Thing, released two years later. The midtempo “Drug” and guitar-driven “Apologies” are much darker than anything on the debut album, while “Crush” is a laid back number with acoustic guitars that create a stripped down, “unplugged” vibe. The passionate “I Want Her” and the band’s faithful cover of Duran Duran’s early hit “Planet Earth”, meanwhile, return listeners to the dance floor, while “Node One” is a sci-fi themed ambient interlude comprised of unintelligible, robotic vocals spoken over layers of spacey synths and sampled Gregorian chants.

Despite becoming popular in the Christian and secular synth-pop undergrounds, Brave New World has not released any new material since recording a cover of Depeche Mode’s “Shake The Disease” for a pair of tribute albums to the synth-pop titan in the early 2000’s. Presumably defunct.


similar artist: Camouflage

Brave New World online site

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