Edin Ådahl

September 24, 2006


Frank and Simon Ådahl started together in 1968. Their first record, an EP, was released in 1969. They sang gospel songs in different churches and toured all over Europe. They were only 11 and 8 years old then. They released three albums in the seventies as “Frank and Simon” Their elder brother Dan was also with them at the time. 1978 they met two other brothers, Edin, and they formed a successful group called “Edin/Adahl”. Edin/Adahl started touring full time in 1981.

They were well known as a christian band in Scandinavia. In 1984 they released the album “Alibi” in the States. The song “Saviour” entered the CCM charts. In 1990 they won the Swedish entry to the Eurovision Song Contest and after that the song “Heaven into my soul” went in as nr.1 on the CCM charts for seven weeks. Edin/Adahl toured Europe with the American band “Petra” in 1992. In December -92 they split the band. Frank and Simon started to work as musicians to other artists. Now, ten years later they are back again as “Ådahl”. The single “Don’t worry” is released in Scandinavia and the full lenght album is going to be out in February 2003.

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  1. I loved Alibi. That was one of my first musical memories from the 80s. I bought the LP on eBay a few years ago. It sounds great, although a little dated. I also enjoyed X-Factor (I also have the LP of that one).

  2. “Rain in your heart” and “Alibi” from the Alibi album are fun songs to listen to . . . traces of ska/reggae influences going on. I still would consider X-factor the more better album than Alibi. I just love the synth bass lines of Like a Motion Picture with the occasion back up vocals that goes with it. Clever lyrics with “X-factor” song as well. “You are the X-factor . . the eternal life reactor . . . You are the X-factor . . . You put my heart in action . . . activate my inner sanction.” — Welcome on board Steve! : )

  3. You can listen to Adahl´s new songs on http://www.myspace.com/adahl
    Check it out!
    Be blessed
    Simon Adahl

  4. The “Alibi” album has a song that is a UB40 feel and the message is incredible. The vocals and music are on another level. ( WOW!)
    If You are lucky enough to get this LP/ Man You will not be disapointed.
    One of the greatest songs ever is: “Your Heart Is In HIS Hands” this is, I think, one of the Greatest songs ever written.

    Check out Adahl’s new page @ http://www.adahl.se

    Blessings To You

    Ronn D / USA

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