October 29, 2006


Steve Griffith and Jimmy Abegg grew up listening to progressive rock, and it shows. Although Vector is generally considered modern alternative rock, the Rush like rhythm section and Peter Gabriel like vocal style make them a candidate for this list. Mannequin Virtue stood apart from the new wave pack in the early 80’s with its solid, odd-time rhythms and interesting lyrics. Please Stand By, while overproduced and slick, nearly broke out with a hit song in the early 80’s. It’s the most listenable, while being probably the least progressive of their albums. Simple Experience really sounds like Peter Gabriel in places, and is a worthy purchase as well.

[ The last one, Temptation, is a good place to start, a fairly frenetic sonically with lots of interesting guitar textures and strong lyrics about Christ. Progressive elements are readily apparent, at least in the experimental nature of the music. Also look for Jimmy A’s solo albums, Entertaining Angels and Secrets, which are both very creative guitar based Christian albums.


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