Adam Again

December 11, 2006


Well, we’ve been waiting on this one for a while. In 1986, the time of this daring debut, there were few enough alternative Christian music bands to make modest attempts by bands like Common Bond seem special. In A New World of Time was not like that. Not in the least. Adam Again – Gene Eugene, Greg Lawless, Riki Michele, and Paul Valadez – have a unique and compelling artistic vision that, even amidst the deluge of fine offerings now, five years later, makes this album a welcome re-release.

Before Lenny Kravitz and Terrance Trent D’Arby, before rap hit on the mainstream, before Talking Heads got airplay on classic rock stations, Gene Eugene & Co. delivered this funky set of dance tunes with rock guts and intelligent hearts. This is alternative music, in that it is an alternative to boredom and radio-ready, sales-conscious formulas. Adam Again went on to make Ten Songs by Adam Again and Homeboys, while Riki Michele experimented on a solo outing in the Big, Big Town and Gene Eugene has established himself as a producer with his bride Michele, an album for The, Reign, and work with Terry S. Taylor on scaterd few and Swirling Eddies. The band is still together, with a Brainstorm Artists release scheduled for whenever Eugene is satisfied that it’s time. Still this is Adam Again’s groundbreaking manifesto, a must have collector’s item, with the original Rev. Howard Finster cover art, even if it was shrunk down to CD booklet size.

The digital mastering makes this re-issue invaluable, even if you have a vinyl original. It sounds, utterly amazing, better than hearing it the first time. Stuff that got lost, or you never heard on the original, guitar bits, keyboard fills, are all here in digital splendor. The Blue Collar Records original only released around 10,000 copies, so this is the first time that this ten song collection (there are no extra tracks as was previously reported) has truly been made available to the populous. Don’t hesitate, get ’em while they’re available. You won’t regret it.

Brian Q. Newcomb

Similar artist : R.E.M.


Audio Sample : 90 seconds


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  1. God bless Gene Eugene. I loved homeboys to pieces…

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