The Walk

December 11, 2006


A group that hails from Pennyslvania consisting of Byron Barnshaw (vocals ; Guitrars), Jeff Butz (guitars), Jim Schneck (bass) and Mike Angelino (drums). The Walk released four albums from it’s short musical career. Starting off with the self titled/self produced album that greatly shows a big influence from Adam Again and the guitar leanings of the Edge from U2.

The final album “Indianland” still keeps the jangly melodic trademark of the band. Outstanding tracks like “The scales” and “A fortune” makes this album worth listening even to the doom-melancholic tuning of the “Bridge Prophets” makes the album worth getting. A very atmospheric album that would even please the least of “The Choir” fans.

Similar artist : The Chameleons U.K.

Audio Sample : 90 seconds



  1. Love Indianland, definitely awesome Christian music. Don’t buy it because you have to, but because you want to and because it is good. Those who grew up in the 80’s know what I’m talking about.

    • Bless your socks, Ian. –Byron

  2. Four Albums? I have Indianland and one of the indie cassettes. I had no idea there were two other albums. Any idea what the band may be up to these days and if their earlier albums may be available for download or something?

    • The Walk released 2 full length recordings.
      Active from 1985-1991.

      • 1990 INDIANLAND (CD, Cassette) REX/Talkingtown
      • 1987 LONGING (Cassette, 45 rpm vinyl single) Talkingtown

      There were a few demos here and there also.

      Jeff Butz

      • Hey Jeff! Do you know Jeani Bond – http://www.jeanibond.com? She was really involved in the zine scene of the 80’s and “traded” someone a copy of “Longing” for “Indianland” recently. She sent them Longing but they never kept their part of the deal by sending her Indianland. Do YOU still have a copy of it? I think it would be such a great surprise for her to receive an email with at least the mp3’s of the record she wanted.

        If you (or anyone else) is interested in helping her, contact me at

        tXimXheXn@gXmXaiXl.com (remove all the X’s – gotta hide from the bots somehow!) should just be timhen.

  3. How did they sound? Could someone repost this because the link is dead?

  4. From a review on amazon;
    The Walk’s second release comes after the untimely death of their beloved drummer, Bruce Bistline, who was a great drummer but more so a wonderful father, husband and friend. The second release starts with the rocker Cardhouse, you can hear the REM, U2 influences–most of all- the Walk has their own rich sound steeped in luscious guitars, thought provoking lyrics and a sound unique from their peers at the time. The record continues with The Scales, Wallflower (listen to the lyrics on this one), She Has Feathers (an ode to their departed drummer and his daughter he left behind) and Vessels of Noble Worth. Walden has a nice acoustic intro by guitarist Jeff Butz and some nice fret-less bass playing by Jim Schneck. This song showcases Byron Barnshaw’s voice as an ode to an individual’s worth. Overall the album has a guitar laden beauty with great production from Talking town studies. This group was ahead of their time in many ways in 1990. Their isn’t one bad song in all 12!

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