Guadalcanal Diary

December 18, 2006


Guadalcanal Diary, is a little known 1980’s alternative band from Georgia. They are best described as alternative, similar in sound to REM. Like many of the alternative bands they have a sound basis in both punk and pop. As a whole, their music seems to be focused on two broad categories; religion and society.

The messages of Guadalcanal’s religious music is very distinct. God is real and is our creator. Live a better life, with less materialism and more spiritualism. The world is full of pain, find salvation and it can be alleviated. It’s okay to question things, God understands.

These type of themes are ever present in songs such as Where angles fear to tread, Litany, Fear of God and Why do the Heathen’s rage? They are upfront about this part of their music, even using the religious themes in the titles of their first two albums Walking in the Shadows of the Big Man and Jamboree. For Jamboree they even covered the christian campfire classic Kumbayah (my lord).

Gennaro Desposito

Similar artist : Let’s Active


Audio Sample : 90 seconds



  1. Woah!

  2. I love the Guadalcanal Diary!

  3. I really like Ghost on the Road!

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