Deacon Blue

January 6, 2007


Cover From The Sky

I will love you when the morning is ascending
I will love you when the moon is riding high
I will love you when we only have pretending
When our home becomes a cover from the sky
Well my eyes have seen the dust and then the ashes
And the lowland and white sky of your home
And the rain that washed mascara from my lashes
And nothing gave us cover from the sky
When you`re gone I notice all your tiny touches
And it`s then that I see i`ts then that I know why
If the days become the walls you never wanted
Our years will give us cover from the sky
From the sky
Well we`ve been among the saints and the angels
And we don`t want to wait until we die
So we`ll stand among the ruins of our temples
And pray to God for cover from the sky

Similar Artist : Prefab Sprout


Audio Sample : 90 seconds


One comment

  1. man, i am listening right now and was completely shocked to see that you are playing 4+4+1 – mourning into dancing. i’ve always wanted to hear them, but their stuff is difficult to find. i also see that you play elkland and starflyer 59. very, very cool. this is an awesome station. i look forward to hearing what else you play. hopefully some velvetbluemusic artists. that would be great. thank you for the great selection of music on your station.

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