Dance of The Porcupines

February 4, 2007


Dance of The Pocupines coined their unique name from a Church sermon on how Christians should stand out in the world. The band consisting of Danny Webb, Reed Sutton, Ray Denton and Patrick Roche started in 1987 recording a demo and soon followed touring and opening for bands like The Call. The band released an album with the title “And Why Not” under Major Drone Records. The album is a mixture of sounds and influences that geared toward the basic altenative sound that was gaining popular in those days. Notable tracks like Me and Dee and Dog Cat Rat talks about their own simple experiences in life while songs like Step Two is about being in the presence of God and in union with God’s spirit. The album is a real treat and filled with a lot of remarkable tunes and positive messages that lives up to the bands name to stand out in the world or the very least — the underground Christian music scene of that time.

Similar Artist : Wire Train


Audio Sample : 90 seconds



  1. Wow, thet video is old! We hadn’t been a band very long when this was shot and this was
    actually our first real show. It was shot at a dingy pizza place in Redwood City called Pony Express Pizza……Ahhh the good old days. The song is called Go To The River and it never made it on to any of our later recordings. It’s actually hard for me to watch, we were playing it
    WAY to fast! I guess we were jut excited to be playing.

    There are better videos on our MySpace site. http://www.myspace.com/danceoftheporcupines

  2. Hey Pat,

    I love it when the song goes to the part where everything gets drop except the drums, bass and the vocals then builds up again for the final chorus. If you notice that the audience are really having fun especially when you see the camera pan over two girls nodding their head to the beat — groupies? : p

    Dance of The Porcupines is an awesome band, one of the best I may say that I’ve heard. You guys should have signed to a major label for a better distribution. DOP reminds me of a group called Wire Train which is an amazing band too.

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