February 4, 2007


Travelogue is comprised of one Mr. Jon Sonnenberg. Originally from southern California, Jon relocated to Akron, Ohio (home of original electro-terrorists Devo) 2 years ago and brought his amazing studio of vintage electronic synths and homemade gadgets with him to start working on “Imaginary Hospitals”, the second installment from Travelogue. Influenced by the pure analog tones of pioneering artists such as John Foxx, The Normal, Fad Gadget, Gary Numan, Kraftwerk and the original Human League, Travelogue has taken the sound of futurism back from it’s 70’s roots into modern culture. Far from being a retro flavored ode to the above mentioned artists, Travelogue uses an amazing selection of now revered analog synthesizers to create a sound that is forward thinking, fresh and ground breaking. Stark and somber vocal phrasing is married with minimal and precise electronic noises and beats. This is not dance music in the modern sense of the word, but a soundtrack for dancing intellectuals who want to think before they offer their talents on the dance floors of the world.

Similar artist : Ladytron


Audio Sample : 60 seconds


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