Andy Pratt

May 22, 2007


Andy Pratt was a general markert artist from Boston who made several soft rock albums before experiencing a religious conversion around 1978 and switching over to the contemporary Christian scene. None of Pratt’s secular albums were national hits, though he did place one song from the self titled Andy Pratt (Columbia) on Billboard’s Hot 100 Chart : “Avenging Annie” peaked at # 78 in 1973. Apparently, Pratt experienced his conversion while recording his sixth album, Motives, and that project turned into a general market release with overtly religious content. Songs like “Saviour” and “Cross on a Hill” are modern hymns set to a soft rock beat. The album did not sell particularly well, however, and Pratt’s next project was an independent EP produced by Larry Radcliffe of Robin Lane’s Chartbusters, Touching on a new-wave Style, that album features five songs with subdued apocalyptic theme. The title track to Fun in the First World is not a celebration of life in the good world that God created but a more questionable critique of reckless desires for pleasure on the part of those who fail to realize that the next world is all that really counts. “Burn Up in the Fire” poses the question. “I know the world’s a powder keg, but how short is the fuse?” The song “Paper Money” unveils the inherent bankcruptcy of a world controlled by purely arbitrary economic standards. “Israel” affirms the character of God unshakable promises to the chosen people, and “Who Will Be My Friend?” presents the poignant plea of an orphan. Brian Quincy Newcomb noted similarities to Larry Norman and praise the artist for connecting matters of spiritual and political concern. The full length Not Just for Dancing would later include 5 tracks from Fun in the First World along with 8 new songs and a cover of the Beatles “I’m Only Sleeping”

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  1. Roger Daltrey recorded Avenging Annie on his One Of The Boys Solo Album:


  2. Hi People

  3. Please check out the videos of Andy Pratt entitled Home of the Brave and Avenging Annie on YouTube. You will be led to other videos, enjoy please. Hello Roger…

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