The Julies

May 22, 2007


The Julies started in the summer of 1992 as three imaginary boys who wanted to build a bridge between The Cure and Ride. Or at least rip them off in trying. They became four boys–and decidely less imaginary–in the fall when Greg joined them. He was good at drumming and the others were not. He needed some convincing about The Cure and all those guitar effects, but he came around. Sort of. Patrick auditioned for the band by playing “Where Is My Mind?” by the Pixies, and instantly The Julies were five.

The next four years would find The Julies playing shows and breaking hearts, including their own. But before riding off on separate horses into the sunset, they released a limited 6-song EP called January in 1994 which was followed by a not so limited 6-song EP called Lovelife on Flying Tart Records in 1996. Thousands and thousands of the latter were sold as the band disintegrated. Sigh.

The members are survived by post-Julies music projects and a beaming love for each other and the time they spent together. On certain moonless nights, that love can still be glimpsed hovering above Philadelphia.

Similar Artist : The Cure


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  1. Thanks for the info. I’ve always loved this album, but I never knew much about the band!

  2. Awesome album. Straight Up. “Drive Me Mad” and “Love Scene Seventeen” were the highlights for me. You can download some other songs on the Julies myspace page. You’ve gotta grab “Kelly Count’s The Stars”… excellent.


  3. […] Oh, sure, you can listen to their music and read their description on myspace OR, you can go to this website and see the same description and a broken link to an mp3. But, alas … no […]

  4. I didn’t know my Dad’s music was so popular and he has told me little about his music world but not much. What you forgot was that his wife joined him and sang with him in the last years. I personally have listened to Chalk a bazillion times and have quite enjoyed it. My father says that he does want to revive the band which will include new members like his family and friends from church. I also wanted to add that he is also in the process of raising his son Eliot and mom is currently starting homschool. We are also in the process of adopting yet another little one from Hong Kong. We are greatly blessed with dad’s leadership and adore him thoroughly hopefully the world will have his music again in the future.

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