I Satellite

June 17, 2007


If you love early Thompson Twins, or can entertain the idea of a male-fronted Freezepop… you MUST check out I SATELLITE! Rod MacQuarrie’s soft melodies are pure ear-candy on poppy tracks such as Bubbleboy and 12:15 Friday Night. He seriously channels Thompson Twins (circa 1982) on I Want You… with an added Electroclash type of flare. I SATELLITE breaks down their programming to the bare basics, which completely makes their sound work.

Recommendation: If you like your electro pop sticky sweet… and very retro, you will love I SATELLITE . Fans of early Thompson Twins, Men Without Hats, A Flock of Seagulls, and Freezepop, Auto:matic is a must for your music collection.

Meg Erben

Similar artist : Heaven 17


Audio Sample : 60 seconds



  1. I SATELLITE will be playing live at AUTOBAHN FESTIVAL #9 at Joe’s Java in Wilmington Ohio, April 25th, 2009.

  2. I-Satellite is great. I highly recommend his AutoMat release from 2003.

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