Tim McAllister

August 7, 2007


Tim McAllister first appeared in the eighties as the songwriter, singer and guitarist of Flock 14 and World Theatre.

Flock 14’s frantic stage shows gained them a large following in their hometown, leading to three record offers. They signed with Blue Collar (Undercover, Adam Again, 441) but the record company folded before recording the album. Tim met executives from Graceland records while playing at the Cornerstone festival in Chicago, and the Brave New World? record was released with success scoring a Top 10 hit on the CCM rock charts with Your Eyes.

Tim started a new project he dubbed World Theatre. It was a bigger sound, moody and introspective. He invited his friends Linford Detweiler of Over the Rhine and Gary Egger of Human Condition to work on the album which included appearances by Jimmy Abegg (Vector, Charlie Peacock) and was mixed by Gene Eugene (Adam Again).

During the final stages of the World Theatre album, Tim’s sister was killed by a great white shark, and a hemophiliac friend died from AIDs. These events prompted him to take time from the public limelight. While not performing live, he continued to record for himself and others. Most notably, Tim recorded and co-produced the first two Over the Rhine records

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