Walk On Water

June 16, 2006


Walk on Water was a Swedish synth-pop band with a sound similar to Duran Duran. Lead singer Tot says that none of them were Christians when they signed to make their first album on the general market Record Station label. “I became a Christian and, as we were making the record, the others got saved as well,” he explains, also nothing that the company was a bit surprised and a little embarrassed by the gospel content of the songs on the final product. The album was a moderate hit in Sweden all the same, with a video for the song “What’s the Noise?” winning a national competition. Frontline picked up the album for American distribution and presented it as the inaugural release of their Alarma World Music label, a division set up to import international Christian music to the States. “Time” is the heaviest cut on the record, featuring scorching guitars. Otherwise, the songs tend toward midtempo numbers with layered synthesizers and stacked vocal harmonies. A few acoustic tracks reminded reviewers of Crowded House.

Similar artist : Duran Duran

Audio Sample : 90 seconds



  1. Wow (no pun intended)….another band that disappeared without a trace after one record. It was kind of poppy and had a lot of animal and tropical rain forest sounds sprinkled all over the disc. But it was fun nonetheless.

  2. They had an isolated single somewhere in a CCM compilation from before. The title of the album escapes me as of the moment. I think it was a remix or a new single.

  3. I know they had one on that “17 Frontline Classics” CD released in 1993. It was a remix of the song “Time.” Don’t know if there was anything else.

  4. I loved this album back when I had it. where can I get a copy, any one have mp3?

  5. Hello!
    Nice to find this because I had some contact with Eric Strömblad one of the members of Walk on water. After the first record Toth and Strömblad as I recall added a couple of members and went on to record a second album. The style changed dramatically to worship music. The album is called “Så länge jag lever” (1994). The first record was called “Walk on water” (1990). I like to get a copy of that one myself.

    BW/Robert, SWEDEN

  6. Well waddya know! I had no idea they had a follow up record. I think I found it too. Here is a link that seems to have a comprehensive disco for the band:


    Here is a pic of Så länge jag lever:

  7. Nice you found my website Kit and linked it too. Thanks!
    Actually i was surprised myself when I found the second album in the shelf of a friend from my church. If you want it it´s very hard because it was an indepedent release from their church. It is no synthpop at all just worship music in swedish. Very nice though. I actually found the first album on a swedish mailorder a couple óf weeks ago, signed too. It is more pop than synth. Erics band before he became a christian is very synthpoppish.

  8. Hei people:
    Link to MP3 album (WOW)
    Bye and God Bless

  9. ha,
    i just went through a lot of old vinyls, and guess what I found? An LP of Walk on Water!! I had it on CD as well but lost it. Me and some of good friends really attributes this to be the best ‘christian’ record made in Sweden (TSP not even close).

    I used it a lot when I made radio in Linköping in the 90s.

    Excellent. In the same class as the Mr Mister record I also found (Go On) and Tears for Fears debut album from 85

  10. It’s so sad that all your links give messages of Error now a days…

  11. Found an working link..


  12. Anyone know/got WOW-What’s the Noise Music Video? Please let me know..


  13. What a great album! Still enjoy it today!

  14. none of the links worked. Can anyone help me find a download?

  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IdFOdhs50pU&list=PL_Q6Ndu_R3DLa7CfXcliDlztzNynl7vPT Here is the entire album on Youtube guys. :) Might need to download it with an mp3 converter, since we can’t buy it anywhere.

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