July 6, 2006


The Strawmen are an independent band from Sacramento, California, featuring guitarist David Leonhardt, bassist Mark Harmon and vocalist Bill Harmon. Before the Strawmen could record their debut album or play a live concert, two-thirds of the band was “absorbed” by The 77s. After bassist Jan Eric and guitarist/songwriter Mark Tootle left The 77s, vocalist/guitarist Mike Roe and drummer Aaron Smith turned to Mark Harmon and David Leonhardt to replace Eric and Tootle, respectively.

Although defunct throughout the ’90s, the three members of the Strawmen independently released At Home in 1996. This resurrection of their original 1987 garage demos sheds a great deal of light on the musical metamorphosis that changed The 77s from a slick but edgy euro-flavored mod-rock band into the jangly Byrds-influenced pop group evidenced on their 1992 release Pray Naked. Several songs featured on At Home eventually found their way onto Pray Naked and The 77s live album Echos o’ Faith—The 77s Played Naked. (Liquid Disc Records rereleased At Home several years later, dropping several of the original demos in favor of newer demos featuring the guitar work of vocalist Bill Harmon.)

In 2003, the Strawmen reformed—featuring 77s member Mike Roe on guitar and background vocals—and released Saving Faded Dreams, considered by many as a musical continuation of The 77s’ Pray Naked.

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