Modern Mission

June 2, 2006

Modern Mission was a mid-80’s new wave quarted featuring one member with a real name and three others who remain somewhat anonymous. The album sports hard-hitting music with direct and aggresive Christian lyrics. Brain Quincy Newcomb of CCM wrote that the band “may only do one thing, but they do it quite well.” Songs like “Stick to Your Guns and “Time to Fight” exemplify their mililant take on theology.

The lead vocals of “Iggy” carry a new passion and anguish not unlike U2’s Bono or Llyod Boldman of Prodigal.

Musically, this is a keyboard driven 80’s style band, but they sure sound trendy. I think Gordon Driver, their producer, has pointed them in the right directions.

Similar artist : Icehouse

Audio Sample : 90 seconds



  1. I used to love this tape. Can it be bought on CD anywhere?!?

  2. Hi Legolas,

    It’s only available as a vinyl LP unfortunately. : (

  3. I’ve always loved NEW WAVE / POST PUNK music so much. I’m glade that as a christian I can still get that sensiblty and the message of hope, forgiveness, and redemption. Praise God!
    Modern English was and is a favorite of mine but, having just found this station I have to say I love Modern Mission too! “NEVER LET ME GO” is a great tune.


  4. Hi Tony,

    I agree with you that in any music we listen to, it should be for the glory of God. The consolation we get is a sense of peace, hope and love. In the words of Johann Sebastian Bach — “The glory of God-this is the chief end of music because it is the chief end of man.” : )

    Modern English is a great band, one Christian band called Sal Paradise sounds a bit like Robbie Grey’s vocals. The band though has some touch of new wave but would be more classified as Indie.

    It’s sad that Modern Mission never got a good exposure after releasing an album under Exile records. I guess they could have impacted at least one soul in this world, just like you after 20 years. : )

    Jesus Bless!

  5. Hello everyone,

    Okay, so I’m getting in on this convo about 2 years late, not sure anyone will see this, but who knows?

    My real name is Craig Donofrio, but back in the day, I went by “Sugar Bear,” there was a long story behind that. I was the Bass player (rear left in photo) and one of the 2 founders of the band with Dave Newman AKA Bones.

    I haven’t seen Zac or Iggy for a long time, but I see Dave every now and again. Dave is a Sales Rep and I am a pastor and run an online radio station – http://www.piratechristianradio.com.

    Last I heard, Iggy wrote a book about a gay angel and moved to New York City – who knew?

    Anyway, thanks for the props and for listening.

    BTW – you can download the album for free http://flipsidemn.blogspot.com/2008/09/modern-mission-st.html

    Its not stealing music when the artists are giving it away. :-) My gift to you and anyone else.

    • I just converted your album to ITunes today! Awesome album. Also, I’m a new listener to Pirate Radio…

      • Dude, I must have a copy of that.

  6. Enjoying “When Heaven’s Calling”!!



  8. Gah, the rapidshare link on the page Craig shared no longer works. Oh, and I was hoping to find this.

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